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  • Life is closing in

    Life is closing in

    The featured image is of Crawley Bay a couple of weeks ago, not from last night when we were at the university. First Fairbridge Festival was postponed until later in the year. We don’t have dates yet, but if we can’t do the new dates we will get a full refund. Then we had the […]

  • Whiteman Park

    Whiteman Park

    We’ve been busy the last couple of weeks and haven’t had time for an overnight at the beach. Plus, it has been very warm and humid, with heavy rain for about three days. But, this weekend has been better, partly cloudy, still humid, but a bit cooler. Stephen had his first G&S rehearsal tonight. He […]

  • Vanlife in York

    This was our first visit to Cherry’s ‘new’ house in York. She has been there a couple of years now. Although she makes weekly trips to Perth to visit friends and pick up grandkids for babysitting, she still finds she has plenty of time to herself, which was the aim of moving there. At first […]