Day 60 – sadly we’ve been let down

Monday 20th May, 2019

Young Car Mart and Mechanical Repairs promised us that when our fuel tank arrived at their workshop they would work on our van. When Stephen rang about 1:30 pm, he was told that they had another job this morning and although they had the fuel tank they wouldn’t start on our van until they have completed the new job, whenever that is. Stephen rang back because he found it hard to believe that our van, which has been at their workshop for 9 days, would not have priority, especially as we had been given to understand that they would complete the work today.

So, we are feeling pretty grumpy about this and will NOT be giving them a good reference. The other problem is that our insurance company will follow up to ask us if satisfied with the work. If we have any problems and we are several hundred kilometres down the road we won’t be able to have this company fix the problem. Still, I can’t wait to get the van back to IVECO in Perth to check everything out to make sure it has been done well. Not feeling much trust at this stage.

They said it might be ready by about midday tomorrow, but we don’t feel all that optimistic. If we do get the van, the caravan park manager said we can have late checkout from our cabin and we will probably get started in the afternoon, getting some kilometres done by tomorrow night. We like this town but we really do want to move on.

We had lunch at Wilders Bakery Cafe, enjoying the spaciousness and comfort. After lunch we stayed there reading, enjoying moving to some comfortable armchairs.

We walked along the river afterwards, taking the slightly longer way home.

Day 59 – alcohol free zone

Sunday 19th May, 2019

I think they mean in the street, there are about four pubs in this town. Cute though.

We saw the movie ‘The Aftermath’ this afternoon at our local cinema. It’s so nice to be able to walk out to a movie. It was a bit of a tear jerker, especially affecting Stephen, of course. I could feel the seat rocking and looked across to my man sobbing over the ending.

We feel very much in a holding pattern now, waiting to see how things unfold tomorrow. We have looked at our route home, travelling roughly the same way home as on our outward journey,

We are very sad about last night’s election result, but there is nothing we can do. The whole thing becomes such a circus.

This is advertised in the Telstra shop. Hopefully they have a fast NBN service.

We will be talking with Matt later. He and his housemates had a day trip to Rottnest yesterday. We hope he ad a good time. They travelled from Hillarys.

Day 58 A quiet day, so far

Saturday 18th May, 2019

The polling station at the town hall in town has been busy all week with people casting early votes. It was strange to see that it was only slightly more busy today. We walked down to town and wandered around a bit. I went into the Millard’s Building to photograph the beautiful staircase.

Town Hall voting station
Millard’s Building

Stephen went for a walk along the little river and I did some shopping, buying a thin jumper to wear under my down jacket. Then he read the papers in the library and I went for a coffee.

Around lunchtime we met at the IGA to buy food for our pressure cooker meal tonight. We buy small amounts of groceries at a time because we have to walk home.

We came back to a clean cabin. The park manager had come to change the linen before we went out, but she also cleaned everything, including washing the floors. I felt a bit guilty that I didn’t help, but I think she would have been embarrassed if I had tried. We are not used to having a cleaner.

It was a sunny day in Perth and Matt and the others had a special outing to Rottnest for the day. Jackie sent us a photo.

After lunch we rested and Stephen read the paper.

There was a beautiful light on these trees in our caravan park.

We put the meal on at about 5.00. Stephen peeled vegetables and chopped the hard ones, I chopped the soft ones, onions, capsicum and zucchini.

Day 57 – ups and downs as we wait to pick up the Winnie

Friday 17th May, 2019

We had some hope that we would be able to pick up the Winnie at the end of the day. Early information was that they didn’t know when the fuel tank would be returned, so ring after lunch. We went to the town centre and had a coffee whilst we helped our neighbour at home work out payment of our strata insurance.

IMG_1750 2.jpg

At 12.30 we went to the library where some students and a teacher from the Young Regional Music School were performing on flutes. The music was OK, sometimes the flutes weren’t in tune, but with goodwill from the audience and participation invited (they played tunes from movies and musical and we had to guess what they were) the time passed pleasantly. Stephen won 3 chocolates.


We had lunch at the Chinese restaurant next door to the cinema, then Stephen rang up to see what was happening. Apparently, nothing. The company repairing the fuel tank had scheduled the work to be done on Tuesday. I expect they thought that the insurance company would take quite a long time to approve the work. We felt disappointed, and resolved to go to the Winnie and pick up some more stuff.

We spoke to a taxi driver who agreed to take us there and back and not run the meter whilst waiting. It was a chance to make sure that everything was OK. We’ve had good sun and I didn’t check the battery level. It wasn’t on my mind. We paid $20 for the whole trip, which we thought was pretty fair.

As we were finishing up Lisa, who works in the office, came up and told us that bosses of the two repair shops had spoken and it was decided that the fuel tank repairs should go ahead right away this afternoon. We are now hoping that all the repairs can be finished on Monday. Stephen has booked a further 3 nights here at the caravan park.

We have checked and the cinema is playing another ‘art house’ movie at 4.00 p.m. on Sunday. We want to watch the ABC tomorrow evening as election results come in. Therefore we feel we have enough to keep us entertained.

The Young Public Library

Stephen likes talking with people and we got into conversation with someone handing out how to vote cards yesterday. It started well, but we gradually found that we were being talked at, rather than having a conversation, with quotes from the Old Testament and the silly example of a grain of rice from a bag representing Australia’s contribution to emissions used as a rationale for Australia doing nothing.

All sorts of conspiracy theories from the far right were brought up and we found ourselves unable to match the man’s overwhelming verbal delivery. We tried to stay calm, but it was very difficult and in the end we walked away. It was like talking with a Jehova’s Witness.  He was not applying critical thinking, but simply regurgitating what he has heard from Alan Jones, the conservative radio broadcaster.

At this stage, we are hoping we can begin to head home on Tuesday next week. We have to say that the people we meet here in Young are overwhelmingly friendly.

Day 56 – Country Bunches

Thursday May 17, 2019

We are not feeling as hopeful as we previously were about being able to get away on Saturday. Our repairer is still waiting on the part from Iveco in Sydney and wasn’t very reassuring. At the moment we are not looking forward to being here for another weekend, more importantly, we would like to know that the part they are waiting for is available from Iveco Sydney and doesn’t have to come from Italy. We are hoping that Lisa, who works in the office, will know more. Stephen will phone her in the morning.

If it looks like we are here for another day we may walk out there tomorrow, it’s about 4.5 kilometres, to pick up a little more stuff. The coffee grinder and the pressure cooker come to mind. If they don’t offer a lift back we can order a taxi.

Today there was an event at the Art of Expresso coffee bar. We went by the see what it looked like, but had another agenda of walking to a nearby Arboretum. It was near the little river, a pleasant place to be on a sunny day.

art of expresso combi (1 of 1).jpg
A blue combi and outside bar with some music were all the evidence we saw of an event. It looked inviting, but walking to the Arboretum seemed a better option in the sunshine.

arboretum3 (1 of 1).jpg

arboretum2 (1 of 1).jpg

arboretum (1 of 1).jpg

As we were near the services club, we decided to have lunch there. Just a bacon and egg roll for me and a hamburger for Stephen, which were served with chips. It was quite pleasant, but we moved on to have our coffee at Wilders Bakery Cafe afterwards. Stephen actually bought a paper (he prefers if cafes supply them for customers to read) and I started processing some photos.

services club (1 of 1).jpg
The Services Club Bistro. Of course, the main thing here is gambling, but it is also the venue for events. Tomorrow night they have a live perfomance of Bohemian Rhapsody at $35.00 per head.


music school (1 of 1).jpg
There is a school of music concert program
solution (1 of 1).jpg
We think this ensemble is ideal if you can’t sleep because your partner snores. A smallish van and a smallish caravan together.
angle parking (1 of 1).jpg
We noticed when we had the hire car that all street parking is angled and you have to reverse into your spot. This seems unique to Young.

After an hour we wanted to get out into the fresh air again and walked down to the river to follow it along further. The track ended and we were fairly close to home. On our way to our cabin we booked in for Friday night.

fill a bag (1 of 1).jpg
at the local second hand shop
cherries (1 of 1).jpg
The town emblem. I have a new fridge magnet – it will have to wait to be put on the fridge.

Some scenes from the Arboretum Park. Fishing and reflections from the river on the tree branches.

Days 54&55: The Art of Expresso

14th and 15th May, 2019

Yesterday morning we took advantage of being in Young for a few days to go to the Town Hall for early voting. It was a painless experience, though for our state we did not have the voting leaflets that would have set out our candidates and the next few numbers so that the preferences would go to our preferred candidate. So, we had to guess. I voted for the Pirate Party for my last number, hopefully that candidate doesn’t stand too much chance and doesn’t let preferences run to a far right party!

Stephen found it interesting to talk with the people handing out how to vote cards. Josh Frydenberg is the sitting member for this area.

He headed off to the library to read the papers and find out about local events and I went to Art of the the Expresso to check it out. I had noticed this cafe when we first came into town, especially the fact that they roast their own beans. I am running out of the beans bought in Perth before we left. What are the chances of being in a town where they roast their own coffee. I’ve bought 500g of beans, I think it will be enough to get us home.

We went home for lunch yesterday, then went out again in the evening at about 5.00 p.m. It was getting close to dark. Stephen had asked earlier about the cinema we had seen when walking around the town, but someone had told him that they only showed very popular movies that we probably would not want to see. At the library Stephen found that they do show more adult movies on Tuesday and Sunday nights. ‘The Chaperone’ is a movie I have wanted to see and it was showing last night. We had a meal at the same pub as before, this time sharing a cider and a meal, rather than ordering two separate ones. It was plenty.


The Cinema is run by volunteers. There was a small audience, two men and about 10 women. They ran some advertising before the movie, which must help with keeping things running. We had choc bombs, not the best, but given that it is a volunteer organisation we gave it extra points. We only paid $11 each for our tickets.

open fire at the pub

The movie finished at 9.00 and we were walking home on a high, having had a very good experience when something happened that we weren’t expecting at all, a woman seated in a sort of small park area in the main street asked us for money. We were a bit stunned and had no special ‘beggar’ money in a hip pocket, so refused. We were a bit shaken as it doesn’t seem like that sort of town. We know there are social services providing meals in a ‘food hall’, so we weren’t too worried about her having nothing to eat.

We didn’t let it spoil the experience.

I didn’t blog yesterday as I wanted to visit the cafe again this morning and have something to do besides read my book and enjoy drinking and smelling the beautiful coffee.

It will be good when the elections are over and we can get back to real news instead of constant analysis and conjecture. Nevertheless, we plan on being somewhere where we can watch the election count unfold, either here in Young or on the road.

I can check online re the state of our claim and just did so and found that it has moved from ‘being assessed’ to ‘repairs authorised’. That was quick, they said it would be three to five days for the assessment. They haven’t rung us yet, and not sure if they have advised our repairer, Stephen and I meet up soon and he can phone them.

Day 53: As the sun sets over the Aldi

Monday 13th May, 2019

Wending our way home tonight we shopped for some basics at the Aldi store across the road.

We started the day by calling in at a pharmacy to have scripts filled and get small things. Then we went to visit the Winnie to pick up some more stuff. Our repairer is still waiting on call backs to complete the quotation. Which means the insurance assessor cannot get on with the assessment and approval of the quote. It seems worthwhile to settle in more where we are.

Our last goal with having the hire car was to visit the Chinese Memorial Garden. We went around and around using a map and Google Maps – the Garden was only 5 kms away, but we couldn’t find any signage and Google Maps was just wrong. Eventually we got there and it is well worth the trouble.

Chinese Memorial Garden2 (1 of 1).jpg

Chinese Memorial Garden3 (1 of 1).jpg

Chinese Memorial Garden4 (1 of 1).jpg

Chinese Memorial Garden5 (1 of 1).jpg

Chinese Memorial Garden6 (1 of 1).jpg

Chinese Memorial Garden7 (1 of 1).jpg

Chinese Memorial Garden8 (1 of 1).jpg

We went home for lunch and a rest. The car had to be returned at 4.00 p.m. and we allowed a little extra time to go to the Tourist Bureau to find out about buses to other towns and locations. If we have to stay here a few days longer we wanted to know if it was feasible to explore further afield without a car. There is no train service in Young and the bus services aren’t that great. The local community have set up their own transport system, something for us to consider. It isn’t cheap.

We visited the other town bakery/cafe and found it is quite nice with friendly owners. We encountered the couple running the cafe again when we were in the Aldi store.

Sheehan's Bakery Cafe.jpg


We are in for very cold nights (-1 to 3) followed by sunny days with temperatures between 18 to 20, sunny and dry. Ideal for getting around on foot. We have an IGA and a Woolworths in town as well as the Aldi, but it is worthwhile to come to grips with Aldi as it is just across the road, and it is much easier to carry our shopping home from there than down in the town.

We enjoyed visiting the Winnie even though we still don’t know when it will be ready.


Day 52: Temora Aviation Museum Visit

Sunday 12th May, 2019

Taking advantage of having a vehicle we drove 80 kms to visit the Temora Aviation Museum. It houses aircraft from WWII and the Korean and Vietnam wars. Where the museum is housed was a training facility for pilots for these wars. The unique thing about this Museum is that all of the aircraft are kept in flying condition. We are not sure how it is funded as admissions on non flying days would definitely not cover it. They employ the aircraft mechanics and some of the staff even though they also have many volunteers.

We watched a video first of all which explained the origins of the idea of having a flying museum from an idea by David Lowy, AM. a pilot and enthusiast.


The workshop where aircraft are serviced
the Tiger Moth is the most recognisable of the aircraft
The lighting in the museum is very colourful and changes constantly, supposedly to imitate combat conditions. The volunteer thought my photos wouldn’t turn out, but they seem OK.
A Cesna Bulldog that is fairly similar to the civil aircraft version we knew as children.
the shark
up close, but not very personal
an overview


We enjoyed driving through the farmland to and from Temora. The little town has many old and attractive buildings, along the lines of Young, but Young has suffered more from ‘modernisation’ that took place before towns realised they had to keep the historical features to attract tourists.

Matt went to a NDIS awards night last night for people with disabilities embracing employment opportunities, or something to that effect. He and his team didn’t win a prize, but the looked good. His supervisor sent me this photo.


Well done Matt. I wish they would dress him in ‘smart casual’ for this type of event, rather than white shirt and bow tie, etc. But, that’s just my taste.

We now have only two and a half weeks before the Denmark Festival of Voice. It seems likely that we will be here at least another couple of days, which makes it unlikely that we can make it. The next deadline for me is Mum’s appointment on the 11th June which is four weeks away, and should be easily doable.


Day 51 – exploring Young’s history

Saturday 11th May, 2019

Today was grey, with a cold wind. We opted for an indoor activity, visiting the Young Folk Museum. Our tour started with a video of a historian talking about the town and it’s history as a gold mining town. It was sad to hear about the riots against the Chinese miners, but there has been an attempt at reconciliation. On Monday we plan to go to a memorial garden and there are exhibits in the museum honouring the Chinese people who came for the gold, but often stayed as they set up businesses and even married local women.

We also found out about the early white settlers to the region and the various mining and farming interests that keep the area a vibrant place to live.

The video talked about some of the lovely buildings in the town that escaped modernisation. When I walked back into the town it was interesting to see some of the details we had seen in the video, having already admired the buildings when we walked here on the first evening.

This is the building where the museum is housed. Stephen spent a lot longer than me looking around, so I had time to revisit Wilders Bakehouse Cafe.

We came home for lunch and haven’t gone out again. We have books, the internet and TV to keep us occupied. It’s a small cabin, but we have more space than in the Winnie. When we go to the toilet we reach for the lever to open the top of the toilet as we do in the Winnie.