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Fog and some wind today, which made it somewhat colder.A view of the bay from outside the Legion of HonourOutside the Legion of Honour, museum and art gallery.Very steep hills, with views down to the bayAnother viewClose up.
Ferry Wharf towerStreet cars still run, it attracts the tourists.Some street people are very well organised with bikes, shopping trolleys, mattresses, bedding and some keep dogs. Most look quite healthy and well fed.And I opened the balcony door and some windows as it was very mild weather.Stephen has the keySan Mateo bank building with mural
Downtown San Mateo, we went to the local library for a lively lecture on Downton Abbey.Academy of Arts and Sciences, Christmas decorations and music still happening.We enjoyed the aquarium, this was just one of the tanks.Academy of Arts and Sciences, San FranciscoDowntown Rail StationDSC00988.jpg
Planning the day during the peaceful ride from San Mateo to San FranciscoInterior of double decker trainCaltrain - double decker trainYosemite8Yosemite7Chapel

This links to all of the photos from our stay in San Francisco. The photos chosen tend to be those that I feel are important for showing what our holiday has been like, rather than just the ones I think are my best photography. The great majority of the San Francisco photos were taken with the A7R and 28-70mm kit lens, but a few were taken with the iPad mini. The China photos were taken with the Nikon D5200 and the Sigma 17-50mm 2.8 lens, plus the Sony RX100.

I’ve ordered the 35mm 2.8 FE lens, which should be ready to pick up shortly after we arrive home on Monday. I also bought a Novoflex Nikon G to NEX adapter so that I can try out my Nikon lenses with the A7R when we get home.

A7R and 28-70mm go to Yosemite National Park

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We don’t have much time left here in San Francisco, so took at day tour to Yosemite. This is not the best way to visit, of course, but it was all we had, and turned out to be a really lovely day. After our arrival in the valley the sun came out and stayed out whilst we went for a long walk.

These photos were processed with Intensify and resized using Image Bucket Pro.

A7R + 28-70mm

A7R + 28-70mm

Stephen at the bar at the Black Bear Diner, Salinas. I love this photo for the colour range and depth, as well as for capturing the experience of this diner through a single photo. It will do it for us, although I suspect it would not do it for anyone else.

Continuing SF and surrounds exploration with the A7R

We took off for a little driving trip, down the coast from San Francisco through Monterey (an overnight), Big Sur, Cambria (overnight), then Salinas (overnight) to Danville (overnight). So, there have been lots of opportunities to take photos of the landscape and local attractions. I’m using the camera without a specific camera case, sometimes a roomy handbag and sometimes my little backpack. I haven’t had time to make selections and post on Flickr during the past few days, but have uploaded and done a quick review in Bridge at the end of each day. Lots of the photos are snapshots, documenting our trip, but I have also tried to get some which may be satisfying, even when I review them after a few months. I tend to be rather in love with them at first, so it’s not a good time to make any judgements.Image

I’m still loving the quality of the photos. I’ve been reading Soundimageplus, where David has found some problems with the kit lens, but haven’t actually scrutinised my photos for edge softness. For my purpose, this lens is very convenient.

San Mateo


This photo was taken in the little housing estate where we are staying. Although everything is new the style is something like a traditional English or European city.