Wongan Hills Wildflower Trip: Days 8 & 9

Overnight near Toodyay

Back at homebase we are settling in. We watched some of the US election coverage this morning (Wednesday). It is a tight race.

After several hours at the Toodyay Bakery we went back to the van for a rest. Stephen checked with the Tourist Information Centre about a walkway along the river and it seemed interesting enough to persue. I drove to a spot further up the street from the Bakery which is one of the many access points to the river and we enjoyed a walk from close to the footbridge to one of the two road bridges across the river. It was cool with sunny spells and lots of cloud and made a perfect early evening walk.

We had our usual peaceful evening in the little overnight camping area on Toodyay Road. In the morning we saw parents dropping of school children to another car, plus the school bus.

On our way down the hill we had a short stop at the falls to give us a break before tackling the city traffic. It was midday when we arrived home and we had a cup of tea before commencing unpacking.

We went along to the Mackie Street Singers in the evening. We want to sing with the choir on Saturday night and we’ve only had a couple of previous rehearsals. We shall just have to do our best on Saturday as we don’t know the music well. Fortunately it is quite a large group of singers and has quite a few men so that Stephen doesn’t stand out any more than I do.

The Saturday night concert happens prior to an open air showing of the movie Young at Heart. We hope to have an audience of people picnicing on the grass before the movie. The original time for the sound check was 3.30 in the afternoon, but fortunately that has changed to 4.30 p.m. Stephen and I live close enough to go home afterwards until we meet for a warmup, but other choir members have been told that there will be drinks at the Bowling Club if they need a place to sit and wait.

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