Sherwood Diary: Day 2 No room at Hyden for us

Home last night

So we didn’t spend the night there. We drove a little way along the Hyden Norseman Road to the first parking area. It wasn’t anything special, but we didn’t arrive until about 4:00 pm and were quite tired.

In the morning in Brookton we went to Stumpys to check the tyres and fuel up. During the drive we stopped at Corrigin to dump our toilet, then went to the supermarket for a new knife and firelighter for the stove. A nearby cafe tempted us and we spent time over coffee and slice, plus chatting with a local.

By the time we finished we could have had lunch but didn’t have the appetite. We drove on to Kondinin where we filled up our drinking water containers.

In Hyden Stephen went to the supermarket for fruit and to the bakery where he bought chocolate crackles. By this time we had eaten bananas to keep us going, but did not have lunch until we arrived at the parking area for the night.

We had one more meal later after dark, but it was very light, tuna and salad. It was a mixed up day due to thinking we would be staying at Hyden overnight.

At Hyden we bought more fuel, about 60 litres. There is a sticker on our windscreen that says our fuel and distance measures may be off because we have a non standard tank. We’ve always assumed that we have a range of 600kms, but it might be more because although the car has reported the kms going down the tank guage still registers past full. We’re not complaining, but should perhaps try filling up until the bowser clicks off.

Today we’ve made it as far as the Breakaways for the night, but I’ll write about today in the next blog.

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