South: Brookton to home base

We took time on our way from Brookton to Roleystone to stop at a couple of places. The first was the Jelcobine Rest Area, a large area that may be used for free camping.

Jelcobine Rest Area

The second was Christmas Tree Well which is day use only. By the time we got there the cloud had broken up with some sunny spells.

Christmas Tree Well

We called in to see Marie and Geoff in Roleystone. They read the blog, so know our news, it was a chance to see how they were going. We stayed for a couple of hours, then drove home.

We can keep the Winnie on the driveway for another week until our neighbours return. We have it booked in to have the lock repaired on Wednesday next week. We will also get them to look at our latest water leak – grey water – which we noticed this morning in Brookton.

We have done some sorting out, but we are tired and not working very hard😀

South: Cuballing to Brookton

This place is our launching pad for the last day of travel. G, our house sitter, was kind enough to stay an extra night as we had originally planned to arrive home last night. We’ve been enjoying the journey and the small villages on this Great Southern Highway. It is so quiet compared with Albany Highway, without the anger and pushiness of drivers there.

The humidity was very high when we arrived and we used the airconditioning for a while. We walked around the oval admiring the clouds.

Overnight things shifted and we switched off the fan, closed the window next to the bed and brought out the doona. It’s quite cool this morning.

The caravan park is a council run park, with a discount for seniors, so we only paid $26 for the night for water and power, plus the ensuite style showers. Very nice! We can go back to free camping when the weather is cooler. There are quite a few options down this highway.

South: Cranbrook to Wagin for the night, then on to Cuballing for lunch

Yesterday was a peaceful day of travelling. We had morning tea in Katanning in a coffee lounge. Katanning has some beautiful old buildings, but somehow the overall effect is messy and ugly. Very interesting, in fact. We stopped for lunch in the village of Broomhill, our usual cheese sandwich.

We spent the night at the Wagin Showgrounds. They have a section for travelling RVs, and we had power and water for $12.00. A local man came to look at our tires and ended up talking with Stephen for approximately an hour. He unlocked the toilets and a shower for us to use. We looked him up and he is a local farmer and preacher who has contributed hugely to his community and won many awards.

It was very humid with a possible storm threatening and we used the air conditioning for a while. For the first time we couldn’t sleep under the doona, and had to use the sheet. I got up at one stage and put the airconditioning on for a short time, then used our fantastic fan to bring in cool air from outside as well as our normal fan to circulate the air. There was no breeze at all.

We had a less spectacular sunset despite the storm clouds around.

This morning we made a slow start, having showers in the van and lingering over breakfast. We have someone organising our Pre choir tour travel in China, and trying to get the price down. We are not used to paying $200 per night for hotels and buying the most expensive train tickets. More negotiating to happen before we sign off.

We stopped at Highbury to use the toilets and confirmed that overnight stays are possible. It is very pretty and the toilets are clean.

We arrived in Cuballing at lunchtime and turned into a side street to have a look at the beautiful little pub. We’ve ended up having lunch here.

There are at least three other restored old buildings here. Following are some photos inside the pub, including the ladies toilet, which made me gasp when I first walked in, it was so different to what I was expecting.

The photos don’t do it justice.

South: Denmark to Cranbrook

It was an overcast day yesterday, and we were happy to leave Denmark and be on our way. Our first stop was Mt Barker at the IGA to stock up on food and beer.

Apart from the grammar, well, we can’t ignore it, i quite liked the sign.

We then went to check out the famous bakery where we had pies and shared an iced donut. There were so many lovely options it was hard to choose. We also bought some bread.

We then traveled up Albany Highway, which was very busy, and onto the Great Southern Highway, which was quiet. At Cranbrook we took a bit of a break, and ended up deciding to stay for the night.

We had a little sunshine breaking through around sunset, then this incredible red sky after sunset.

These photos are straight from my iPhone, not enhanced by me.

We woke up to gentle rain and left the hatches up for a while. The rain got heavier and heavier, eventually we closed the hatches and windows. We had our cups of tea and washes, then moved the van over to a gravel road, just in case there was any risk of getting bogged where we were. We are now relaxing over breakfast with heavy rain on the roof. Lovely.

South: Denmark reboot

So, yesterday we decided to stay in Denmark another day, but to move to the Rivermouth caravan park. By evening we were packed in cheek by jowl with caravans and tents. It was warm in the van, we had air conditioning on for a while, then once the van provided some shade we moved out onto our ‘porch’. At that stage the bay next to us was free, so we had plenty of room and a cool breeze.

It was Sunday, so we contacted Matt about 4:14 to have our FaceTime session. We know when he’s had enough because he tries to hit the stop button! He usually needs help, but we know our conversation is a getting bit boring for him, though he likes to see us and is all smiles at first, especially if Stephen puts on his robot persona.

We walked ‘around the bridges’ as our evening walk. I consider it a good test of my fitness. I have found it quite easy, then very hard at different times in the past. Last night was easy.

We are moving on today, planning to do a little shopping at the best supermarket in the West at Mt Barker on our way. We set an alarm for this morning to make sure I was up and ready to order our Fairbridge Festival tickets. All done by 7:30.

South: Denmark Day 2

Yesterday morning (Saturday) we drove into Denmark to buy the Weekend Australian and have a coffee and share a custard tart. We then drove up the hill, eventually finding our little spot with some shade and a view. We parked there on a previous visit. We had our lunch, read our books and had a short walk.

It became very windy, so we had afternoon tea and packed up, arriving back at about 4:00. I put our dinner on and when it was cooked and in the fridge we went for a walk down to the Inlet. It was lovely without the heavy cloud cover of the day before. On the way back we came across a mob of kangaroos, which lead to a clacking of people taking photos. Including me😀

Ducks also.

South: Mt Barker to Denmark

We left Mt Barker at about 10.00 a.m. We had a peaceful night, despite one or two trains in the night. We woke up to a partly cloudy and windy day. Stephen wanted to stay near the ocean at Denmark and when we rang up we were able to get a site at the Ocean Beach Caravan Park.

We had a short break in Denmark and contemplated going to the bakery, but decided that it wasn’t too tempting because we weren’t hungry, so drove out and booked into our park. We had lunch and a rest.

At about 5.00 we walked down to the foreshore and along the inlet to the ocean, probably covering about 5 kms altogether. It had been sunny when we arrived, but clouded over in the late afternoon and seemed quite cold. Once we went out, we found it seemed warmer and the wind, which had been blowing hard, gradually dropped.

Despite the dull light the water was a beautiful colour. There were lots of kids actually swimming in the shallow inlet waters. On the ocean side there were surfers, mostly just coasting waiting for waves, rather than actually riding them.


Denmark Ocean Beach Red Capped Wanderer - 1.jpg
Red Capped Wanderer
Denmark Ocean Beach surfing2 - 1
Denmark Ocean Beach edge of ocean - 1
where the inlet meets the ocean
Denmark Ocean Beach - 1
walking down to the inlet
Denmark Ocean Beach vegetation - 1.jpg
interesting plants
Denmark Ocean Beach seagull - 1
gull and pontoon bridge

The internet is painfully slow, but allows me to upload images by being very patient. I’m waiting for things to quieten down in the showers, up to now they have been full of kids, very noisy.

The weather forecast keeps changing, but at the moment it looks like there will be some sunshine here tomorrow. It is forecast to be 37 in Perth, and we will be much cooler here at about 28.

Denmark Ocean Beach Pied Cormorant - 1
Stephen says this is a Pied Cormorant