Sunday November 15th

Yesterday we went to the Clock Tower Cafe for a German style lunch (German sausage, Sauerkraut, mash and gravy), followed by a German film about a boy in a village who dreams of having a broader life (Home from Home). This was in the little cinema in the library building. The movie was about 3 hrs long, with an interval in the middle. We found it very engaging.

Afterwards we were thinking of going to a concert at Croydon Minster, but the little restaurant where we had a meal took a long time to bring out our small meal, and we felt somewhat tired, so decided to go home.

The fireworks started up again – after not very much on Friday night. I felt it was very insensitive after what had happened in Paris on Friday.

I woke up with a headache and am not feeling too well today. We talked to Matt and Hidde on FaceTime, and I rang Mum a bit later as well. She said it was a nice few days to celebrate her 85th birthday.

There were no photos taken yesterday, so this is one from Bletchley Park.

A view of the sheds where people worked at Bletchley Park
A view of the sheds where people worked at Bletchley Park

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  1. Hope you are both feeling in good shape tomorrow….you must be nearly countdown time for the home country.. forgotten when you make the transition to Europe…take care.. although I’m sure the world is now so security conscious there will be plenty looking out for you!!

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