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  • Pinaroo Point Walking Group

    Pinaroo Point Walking Group

    What motivated us to pack up the van and go to Pinaroo Point for an overnight on Saturday is that Eversley’s Gwelup Walking Group were coming on Sunday morning for a walk or a swim (in the end, both). It took a bit of energy and whilst Stephen went to an opera film I felt […]

  • Final blog on 10 day trip

    Final blog on 10 day trip

    I’ve been wanting to finish the story, but we’ve been busy since we got back and this has been on the back burner. We enjoyed our last day on the road. Stephen did some of the driving and now that I am so comfortable driving the van myself I find that I am as comfortable […]

  • An enjoyable lunch at Stilts and some light rain

    An enjoyable lunch at Stilts and some light rain

    Yesterday was our last full day in Busselton and we spent it mostly sitting around. We went to one of the nearby restaurants for lunch. They had larger servings than Colourpatch, though I ordered a small version of my choice, a pasta dish. Stephen had fish and chips and we shared a little,of each other’s,dish. […]

  • Amblin Day

    Amblin Day

    We have booked in for three nights here as it is a good base for the area and for returning to Perth on Sunday. We set up the awning and chairs, increasing our living space by about 2/3. The weather is still humid, but cooler. We slept well last night. Due to the swimming event […]

  • A very trying night at Conto

    But before that we left our camping place after filling up with fresh water. We dumped our toilet cassette for $5 at Turners Caravan Park and met up with Marie and Geoff at Colourpatch. Not only has it been upgraded to a restaurant and bar, but the prices are normal restaurant prices. We shared a […]

  • Making ourselves at home in Augusta

    We have decided to stay a second night at the same campground in Augusta. It’s busier tonight than last night, but we still expect a quiet night of good sleep. I had my first proper shower this morning and was able to blow dry my hair in the en-suite style bathroom. It was time for […]

  • Olive Hill Farm for two nights, then on to Augusta

    We stayed two nights at Olive Hill Farm and walked through the beautiful woodlands three times. When we woke up on Sunday we had our morning cuppas, then walked through the woodlands to the river. We felt so laid back that we decided to stay for two nights. We didn’t go anywhere else, just enjoyed […]

  • Blogs

    I did a post yesterday with some photos, but it won’t upload at our present location – Olive Hill Farm just out of Margaret River due to slow internet. I will upload it when we are in town later today.

  • A rude awakening at 2.30 am this morning

    Yesterday we stayed overnight at Busselton Farm. Around this area there are farms and wineries that offer simple camping, without hookups. Some offer more than others in terms of facilities. We spent the afternoon parked up at a beach in Wonnerup just north of Busselton and didn’t want to have too far to drive. We […]