Amblin Day

We have booked in for three nights here as it is a good base for the area and for returning to Perth on Sunday. We set up the awning and chairs, increasing our living space by about 2/3. The weather is still humid, but cooler. We slept well last night. Due to the swimming event in Busselton the caravan park is busier tonight and we have kids next door, thus expecting things to be noisier overall.

We walked to the nearby small shopping centre in the morning, taking note of the cafe/restaurants on the way. We bought some small items, milk, bread, etc. making sure we could carry it all home, about 800 metres according to Google Maps. It is quicker by the road, but nicer along the beach as we found by doing the circuit.

I went for a swim in the pool this afternoon, but found it was really too warm for summer weather. The only people using it were older women with large busts, oops, that me as well.

The meal I cooked last night had some leftovers, I heated it up with some pasta and a tin of tuna for tonight. Afterwards we did a sunset walk along the beach. There were some people enjoying the evening at the beach, but it wasn’t crowded. From what we’ve seen so far people don’t appear to use this beach much for swimming. And yet, it is quite lovely.

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