On the nose…Cottesloe Beach

We are managing to be very busy in the leadup to going away. We have a gig tonight with Working Voices Choir singing at the Working Women Change the Rules Rally at 5.15 in Supreme Court Gardens. Tomorrow night we are going to the Merchant of Venice at the university. On Sunday there is a farewell to the WASO Choir Director in the afternoon, then we visit Matt at his house. On Monday evening we are going to a talk at the town hall.


Phew! As well, Stephen has been getting together with Alan and Jeff to sing and that is what he is doing this morning. I have a meeting at 1.00 regarding a new communication method for Matt.

On Tuesday night we went down to Cottesloe to have a look at the sculpures on the beach, have fish and chips, then to the university on the way home to watch a rehearsal of MofV. Unfortunately it was just a technical rehearsal, not a dress rehearsal as such, though some of the cast were in costume.

Some photos from Cottesloe Beach.


There are sculputes out to the end of the groin
messy beach
The featured photo is a close up of the long nose with people standing on it. Don’t ask me what any of this means.
the sea looked quite creamy, with slow movement of waves

What we found lovely was the warm evening at the beach and getting our favourite table outside of the cafe for our fish and chips. Stephen made us a salad bowl and brought cutlery. We were thus able to eat without getting our fingers greasy. We are having a more normal late February early March season of mostly warmish weather with very high humidity. If you move slowly it’s not too bad, but we have to beware of getting busy. We have used the airconditioner a couple of times, not because we need to for the temperature, but so that we have relief from the humidity. It’s only 26 degrees at the moment with 65% humidity, but feels uncomfortable to me.

I think in order to enjoy the sculptures we would really need some time and better light. Looking at the photos it tends to look like a whole lot of junk was left on the beach.

I rather like this one, quite dramatic.





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  1. 👍🏽 Pinocchio long nose has all the rich and lying politicians hanging on as the nose gets longer and longer. My favourite

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