Crossing the Nullabour: Day 9

Head of Bight to Penong Saturday March 30th 2019

Today was fairly unremarkable. After the wonderful flatness of our brief encounter with the edge of the Nullabour Plain, it was back to bushland, followed by farmland. It’s very dry here at this time of year. We had a couple of short stops, one stop to refuel at Nundroo, then made it here to Penong Caravan Park.

The difficulty of today has been the big time change. With daylight saving still in effect our 6:30 am alarm had us awake ages before sunrise. We hit a reset and by the time we woke up it was almost 9.00 am. Following our usual routine we were ready to leave at about 11.00. Arriving here at Penong we were having lunch about 3.00 pm.

Tomorrow we pass through Ceduna where we can stock up at a supermarket. Stephen suggested that we go to the pub and share a meal, we chose a scotch fillet, which was huge enough to be very filling for two people. This was in preference to a scratch meal of whatever we had left.

We’ve met up with the other Leisure Seeker again, parked behind a hedge here. Which means she must only drive for short periods like us, though she starts earlier in the morning.

Penong is famous for its windmills and we had a chance to walk by twice as we went out and back.

This is the largest one and appears to be working pumping water into the tank.

The first time we stayed at this caravan park was when we had the caravan. We sheltered under the little canopy right next to where we are tonight.