Day 8 continued…

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Ben and his wife Jacinta drove their truck into our camping area. They said they have driven past many times and wanted to check it out. Some of us campers were taking photos of the sunset and the truck was in the way. Jacinta invited me to sit in the driver’s cab and Ben took a couple of photos.

truck driving better (1 of 1).jpg
If you look carefully you can see me in the driver’s seat.

How beautiful it is! Smells wonderful, all leather. Lots of dials. They let me pull the big horn. They have a good sound system, and that’s all I had time for.

I have been following Ben of The Drone Way on Facebook since the ABC had an article about him a few weeks ago.

A very special Nullabour adventure.

truck driving can't see it's me (1 of 1).jpg
You can’t see me in this photo, but this is what the truck looks like.

Ben took the photos on my camera, so I’m not sure about copyright.

sunset - head of bight (1 of 1).jpg
The sunset was great as well.


Crossing the Nullabour: Day 8

Eucla to Head of Bight Rest Area 29th March, 2019

Here we are, finally on the Nullabour Plain. I’ve had enough of the wind outside, dear readers, and this view is taken through our windscreen. When we stopped for lunch there were still lots of bushes and small trees around. There are camping opportunities all along the road, but this is the only one we know of with Telstra access.

the Nullabour Plain (1 of 1).jpg
There is a fence surrounding this parking area at the gates of the Head of Bight Whale watching Centre. It is too early for whales, unfortunately.

The weather overnight continued cloudy and blustery, with a little rain. Today we’ve had a very windy and blustery day of driving, stopping for views of the sea and cliffs of the Bight.

our first viewpoint of the day (1 of 1).jpg
Our first stop.
2nd viewpoint2 (1 of 1)
2nd stopping point. This is called the 1st Viewing Point, coming from SA.
2nd viewpoint4 (1 of 1).jpg
Detail of the cliff face. There are dire warning about the crumbliness of the cliffs and people are encouraged to stay on the safe walkway. At least, we hope it is safe.

Our camping is becoming a bit predictable now as we have begun to stay overnight in familiar places. We have two weeks to get to Canberra Showgrounds. It looks like we have a good chance of getting there on the Monday, which gives us the opportunity to look around for a power point near the stables. We were told about this by one of the volunteers when we came two years ago and hope this unofficial camping option is still a possibility.

We have run out of conventional bread and rather than buy a white loaf at a roadhouse we had corn thins for lunch with our usual toppings. This seems to be a first for Stephen and fortunately he likes it. Tonight I’ve made a tomato and vegetable soup using chicken stock, a can of tomatoes, pasta and mixed frozen vegetables. For our protein we will have some canned tuna and we have some flat bread as well.