Crossing the Nullabour: Day 1

March 18th, 2019 – Victoria Park to Roleystone

Roleystone. Good grief, what happened! We spent last night sleeping in the Winnie as we cleared things out for our housesitter. This morning we finalised some things and did some last minute laundry. Stephen washed the floors. Painters arrived to paint our back fence.

Then, there came a phone call from the hostel. Mum had a problem (vomiting and low blood pressure) and they called an ambulance. Although she seemed better by the time the ambulance arrived she was taken to Midland Emergency at St John of God. After the conversation ended it occurred to me that we could call in at the hospital to see her as it is on the way east. I rang Marie and she said she could come in the afternoon.

Turns out there may be something more serious, though Mum was quite perky when I arrived and complained over and over again about all the waiting around for the X-Ray and ultrasound. At around 4.00 p.m. it was decided that she could go home and we drove her back. The GP at Regis Greenmount who is now treating Mum has agreed to manage her care. We will go back tomorrow to take Mum for a more comprehensive ultrasound at a clinic.

We couldn’t really go back to our house, so I asked Marie if we could camp at her place for the night. That will be convenient for going to the appointment tomorrow. We are also pretty worried, with no diagnosis at this stage. We contacted our siblings when we at last arrived home. We had spent some time with the RN at Regis and she was seemed worried as well.

We are prepared for a couple of days of delay of our journey, but at this stage we don’t really know when we can leave. The present hot weather makes it rather unpleasant for travelling and it looks like being better by Friday. The plan, to go to the National Folk Festival, should still be possible as we had allowed four weeks travel time, more than enough even for us.

Our hosts have allowed us to plug into water and power, so we are as comfortable as we were at home on our driveway. Our neighbours have been away for a couple of weeks and we have been able to park the van near the house, very useful for getting ready to leave.

We enjoyed dinner with Matt on Sunday night. He knows we are going away, but he is having such a good life (e.g. went surfing for the second time on Saturday) that I don’t think he will miss us, at least at first. Plus we keep in contact with with Facetime once a week.