Still, we have had events. On Wednesday night I joined the Workshop Camera Club for an online session. We were asked to keep our microphones and cameras off as it causes bandwidth problems. There was a competition judging session which was excellent. Even though I’m not actually into street photography I found the judge’s comments extremely useful. Stephen was watching as well and we didn’t stay for the full session, just half an hour. They were using Zoom.

We also watched two Contagion movies/programs. One was the BBC4 program about a pandemic simulation project in 2018. It was magazine style, with quite a lot of repetition, however useful in that we learnt a lot about making predictions for the spread of a novel virus. Then we watched the movie ‘Contagion’, and found it useful that we had seen the documentary first. For dramatic purposes the virus in the movie is more immediately deadly than the latest coronavirus.

Though that depends on where you live, in Italy and Spain it is very deadly and the US appears to be on a similar trajectory with it’s strange culture of individualists and collectivists living apparently in different universes and reacting very differently to each other. Some, pro social and observing social distancing, others behaving as though nothing is happening, even after over 1,000 deaths in a day.

We were able to place an online order with Coles for three days in advance. It’s a bit of a lottery what you actually receive, however, and some items, such as lentils and pasta were listed as ‘not in stock’. Which means we are still left with having to physically go to a supermarket once a week. We knew the time the delivery would be arriving, but still missed seeing the delivery. We had asked that it be left outside. The cold things were still cold, fortunately, we don’t think it was out there for very long. Lesley says we need a dog, perhaps we could foster one for the duration of the lockdown.

I’m not sure if we are allowed to drive out of our immedate area to go for a walk. Although we quite enjoy walking in our neighbourhood it would be lovely to go down to the sea, or even one of the river beaches

An interesting thing happend on Thursday. I received a card from Mum, obviously organised by the staff, which didn’t name me, but was to her ‘darling little girl’. Why didn’t I think of it. We are not sure how she would react to a phone call and don’t want to be simply telling her why we can’t visit, but we can send cards. On Friday I sent a post card, but in an envelope so that it can be extracted and the envelope discarded. I’ve also suggested to other family members that this might be a good way to keep in touch with her. Well done Regis Greenmount for this idea.

I’ve bought a little photo printer (online from Officeworks, ordered Friday afternoon and delivered early Saturday morning, so that I can make little photo stickers to include when I send cards to her. Now that we all use our phones for taking photos we don’t need instant cameras, we just need the printer.

We went on two walks today. We had been over to the shops to go to the butcher and fruit and veggie shop in the morning yesterday and found that we really liked being out during the day. Our evening walks often end after sunset. This morning it was a walk towards the city, there is a view from the higher places in Victoria Park. It was partly cloudy by the time we went out and the city wasn’t pretty, but at least we had a walk in the fresh air. This evenings walk was a bit shorter, half an hour rather than an hour, as we felt well exercised from the morning.

I would make a feature of the bears in our area, but unfortunately our local folk don’t seem to be much for bears. We had a greeting from a little child who was sitting on a veranda (much better than a bear) and have seen families out walking and riding bikes together. Perhaps it will bring our community together the way the Sunday and Friday evening markets were in a previous time (BC).

I’ve ordered some face masks through our friends in China, but it appears that Customs are scooping them up at the border because they claim they are faulty. Of course, ours are not medical masks, just for ordinary people to wear and I’m hoping they will be allowed through. In the meantime I decided it was time to get the sewing machine out and watch some YouTube videos to find out how to sew our own. I’ve set up in the fairly unused section of our living room and made the first mask today. I thought I didn’t have any elastic and have used long peices of cloth to make ties, but then found some black elastic that is suitable in my hand sewing box. I will use it for the next one. Stephen says he would like one as well and as I have a fair bit of material he will have a choice of colours and patterns.

home made mask - 1home made mask - 2

This mask is only a single layer of fabric and obviously doesn’t provide a serious level of protection. On the other hand, I was able to easily breathe during our walk this evening and I keep a good distance between myself and other people, going out onto the road to pass people, for example.

For shopping I should probably make a double or triple layer mask. As shopping trips are short this should’t be a problem if it’s rather stuffy. It’s possible to buy the filter material used in medical masks if I want to get really serious.


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