Getting fit

Oddly enough we are getting fitter. We walk for about an hour, taking different routes around our neighbourhood. There are other people outside, some walking, some just doing gardening, etc. in their front yards. Everyone is friendly and we take action to go temporarily on the road if people don’t look like they will move away as they walk by.

We joined our Tread the Globe tribe last night for an interactive session, asking them how they are going locked down in Turkey. It hasn’t been all that quiet with them after an interview on UK radio sparked a bit of angst in Turkey because the interviewer implied they were actually locked into the place where they are staying. Fortunately, the misunderstanding has been worked out and they were also interviewed for a TV programme in Turkey. They are finding the locals very friendly and helpful, they have everything they need, and are hoping to stay sane for however long they have to stay in one place.

Their Campervan is the same same size as our new 6 metre van, very small for full time living. However, as the weather gets warmer they will be able to spend more time outdoors. Groceries are being delivered to them and neighbours have sent cooked meals and friendly waves, etc. Tea is the drink of choice in Turkey, but when they said they like coffee a neighbour has sent them some coffee sachets.

It highlights the major thing that makes our restrictions not as bad as it might be, that we live in a very connected world and some of us may find we have to go off social media for a day or so in order to get some peace!

At least that is how I’m feeling. I wanted to meet with a friend to go walking, but Stephen has taken the advice of a family member that this is not a good thing. We have some exposure through shopping. Although we try to keep it at a minimum and I’ve actually placed a large order online which will arrive on Friday, we still go out for fruit and vegetables (and bread, Coles isn’t selling their lovely bakery rolls, or crumpets, online). The online order took hours as I was trying to get to $150 in order to have a free delivery.

Of course, having a live in companion on this journey definitely makes life easier. We are used to being together a lot and know how to get out of each other’s way for most of the day. In fact, we sometimes have to wait if we want to speak with each other because the other person has earphones on and is listening to news or music, or a video and needs time to switch off and redirect their thoughts.

As to the people complaining about being quarantined in hotels after coming off cruise ships, if you were well enough and young enough to go on a cruise on your own, you are definitely well enough and young enough to survive a short quarantine period in not such awful conditions. Even someone’s 77 year old mother. Let’s face it, you are not poor people in any sense of the word!

Mind you, I am enormously grateful that we have our own home with a small garden. If we had to go into self quarantine (different from the present in that we wouldn’t be able to go out at all), we still have a couple of outdoor areas where we can enjoy the fresh air. I’m grateful that we are on pensions and don’t have to worry about losing jobs. I’m grateful that we have each other. I’m grateful that we have access to adequate food, gas for cooking, water and electricity. Even if we lose power we have our van with solar and a battery. I’m grateful that we have overall good health. And, I’m grateful that we have the internet.

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  1. My thoughts exactly – especially about cruise ship passengers. One relative expressed concern about his aged father being quarantined in hotel with dietary and medical condition! He was okay to go on a cruise! (I know quarantined is wrongly spelt).

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