South: Mt Barker to Denmark

We left Mt Barker at about 10.00 a.m. We had a peaceful night, despite one or two trains in the night. We woke up to a partly cloudy and windy day. Stephen wanted to stay near the ocean at Denmark and when we rang up we were able to get a site at the Ocean Beach Caravan Park.

We had a short break in Denmark and contemplated going to the bakery, but decided that it wasn’t too tempting because we weren’t hungry, so drove out and booked into our park. We had lunch and a rest.

At about 5.00 we walked down to the foreshore and along the inlet to the ocean, probably covering about 5 kms altogether. It had been sunny when we arrived, but clouded over in the late afternoon and seemed quite cold. Once we went out, we found it seemed warmer and the wind, which had been blowing hard, gradually dropped.

Despite the dull light the water was a beautiful colour. There were lots of kids actually swimming in the shallow inlet waters. On the ocean side there were surfers, mostly just coasting waiting for waves, rather than actually riding them.


Denmark Ocean Beach Red Capped Wanderer - 1.jpg
Red Capped Wanderer
Denmark Ocean Beach surfing2 - 1
Denmark Ocean Beach edge of ocean - 1
where the inlet meets the ocean
Denmark Ocean Beach - 1
walking down to the inlet
Denmark Ocean Beach vegetation - 1.jpg
interesting plants
Denmark Ocean Beach seagull - 1
gull and pontoon bridge

The internet is painfully slow, but allows me to upload images by being very patient. I’m waiting for things to quieten down in the showers, up to now they have been full of kids, very noisy.

The weather forecast keeps changing, but at the moment it looks like there will be some sunshine here tomorrow. It is forecast to be 37 in Perth, and we will be much cooler here at about 28.

Denmark Ocean Beach Pied Cormorant - 1
Stephen says this is a Pied Cormorant


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