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  • Rottnest: Days 3 and 4

    Today is our departure day (Friday), but we don’t leave until 3.30 p.m. hence counting this as a day on the island. We were all up early, Eversley is working as a guide today (she has been volunteering here for a few years now) and we wanted to get our main bags packed for 8.00 […]

  • Kalbarri/wildflower Trip: Day 10

    Kalbarri/wildflower Trip: Day 10

    Lesueur National Park This was our main destination for yesterday and did not disappoint. It was about 90 kms from Western Flora and we had one stop on the way at Eneabba for fuel. Nevertheless, we arrived at the parking area to explore the park after 12.00. It was bright and sunny and we didn’t […]

  • Technology update in the van

    Technology update in the van

    Two new batteries and an inverter: 120Ah batteries and 2000w modified sine wave interter. It took a week, but Ken Peachy Caravans have upgraded the battery system and installed an inverter in our van. We only had one 100Ah battery and had issues with it running down so much that the alarm flashed. Our van […]

  • Rainy Tuesday in Cragg Vale

    Fortunately the morning got a good kick with the handing down on the Supreme Court judgement on the legality of Boris Johnson’s prorogue of the UK parliament. Of course, we all feel that the unanimous judgement is a triumph for democracy, but there are dissenting voices. At least now they can get back to business […]

  • York: summing up

    York: summing up

    Our stay in York began with booking accommodation and train tickets. Because we are now three people we were able to consider having a small house with two bedrooms. We stayed at an older house that has been renovated to a high standard. Our host provided everything we could possibly need, even to supplying a […]

  • York: A visit to the Clifton Tower

    York: A visit to the Clifton Tower

    Yesterday was a day of rambling around, enjoying the city on foot. The Tower gives a great view over the city, with explanatory notices as you walk around the top. In the evening we watched a Michael Portillo video about York, which gives a summary of some of the main historical events. He went into […]

  • A visit to the seaside town of Whitby

    A visit to the seaside town of Whitby

    A 2.5 hour bus trip took us over part of the North Yorkshire Moors to Whitby. The moors themselves perhaps illustrate that the English are not used to sweeping views over treeless landscape. It was impressive, but coming from Australia, something we have quite a lot of. Whitby, on the other hand, was interesting as […]

  • Castle Howard – another stately home visit

    Not that I go to these places for the ‘home’ part. What is appealing is lovely gardens, excellent cafes and tempting gift shops. Castle Howard has three cafes and we sampled them all. This was on Thursday. I spent extra time in the main cafe at the house writing in this blog, then followed Stephen […]

  • York: Day 2 Yorkshire Museum and Art Gallery

    York: Day 2 Yorkshire Museum and Art Gallery

    Eversley went on a tour with our host in the morning, Stephen and I wandered around, considered going to the Yorvik Museum, but decided it would be something like a Disney experience and went to the Yorkshire Museum instead. On the way we met up with Shaun, then Eversley, and had lunch. Stephen did the […]