Travels with the Winnie: Day 13

Kimba – A day of rest and visit to Kimba Museum

When we woke up this morning it was 2 degrees in the van. We cranked up the diesel heater and enjoyed our steaming mugs of tea.

We have decided to take today as a rest day, then make a push to do extra kilometres tomorrow. If we get started earlier than usual it should be possible.

First of all we went to the Kimba Museum and enjoyed going around the exhibits. A lot of the exhibits date from the 50’s, so are part of our childhood. That includes the horse drawn milk cart, we had one when we lived in Belmont, I think. We were too poor to have the fresh milk, unfortunately, we were brough up on Sunshine powdered milk. I’ve made a slideshow of the photos from the visit.

We did ‘chores’, filling up the water tank, emptying toilet cassette, getting diesel and getting my one item of shopping, some fabric softener.

Our next door neighbour brought out her washing machine this morning, just the same as mine, but with purple trims, and did a heap of washing. I noticed that she washing everything in a large plastic bucket, just using the electric dryer (a generator was provided 250v power). She was even doing her sheets this way. I was very pleased to see that my idea of the small washing machine isn’t as crazy as I feared.

We had lunch, delicious soup, at a cafe in town, then took the van back to the same free camping area. Stephen had a shower using two $1 coins, then had a rest and went out for a walk. I’ve been fiddling with photos.


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  1. Hi crazy washerwoman, I,m pretty sure the horse drawn milk cart memories are from Bentley at Nana and Grandpas (along with jack frost aka Grandpa). Visited Mum today with Geoff. Very heartening as she looks more settled and in tune with staff. They are all friendly from the maintenance guy, care aids to Maria. Made regular appointment for hair. Staff will let her know when and where and hairdresser will go and find her if necessary. We are enjoying our armchair travelling with you. Haven’t been away in Roma yet but lots of planning which is almost as good. Love Ree.

  2. Yep.. confirms life is main up of domesticity… guess which will be the last thing to leave my home for someone else’s… yes.. the washing machine!

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