Burns Beach revisited

It is the March long weekend, and after a relatively cool and wet summer we are making a start on autumn with a heatwave. We discussed going to the Nannup Music Festival, but our memories of this weekend are that there is usually a heatwave, and it can be very uncomfortable. I still wanted to go away, and tried for Coogee Beach, Fremantle and Woodman Point Caravan Parks, but they were all full. So, Burns Beach it is.

It is very nice here, but very few sites have shade. We have premier views, but having put out our awning, with some help from our neighbour with his mallet and expertise on tying reef knots, we only get a view if we sit outside. Up until an hour ago, that was fine as we still had shade outside. Now, although our windows are in shade, we have the option of inside or sitting in the sun. So, we are inside.

I bought the pressure cooker with me, and have done a Thai chicken curry, very easy even if the cooker itself is rather bulky. The smell of the cooking is absolutely delicious to us and may be making our neighbours hungry as well. I started at about 4.00 as we will probably go for a walk close to sunset and I wanted to have the main cooking out of the way. We can have salad or vegetables as part of the meal. We could do some rice, but would have to cook it on the stove or in the microwave and we may not want to do that.

Our little ‘house’ looking untidy as it often does when we are in it. Not that we couldn’t make it tidy, we have the second bunk over the cab for storage. But, it doesn’t seem to matter too much.

Although we have had a cool breeze all afternoon it has been humid and about 28 degrees, so not exactly the best conditions. Still, we did need time to relax after what feels like a busy week. On Friday we went to the second session for us of ukelele class and Tai Chi at the Trinity School for Seniors. We missed last week as Stephen wasn’t well. It was a pretty hot day, so I took the time off as well. The ukelele lesson is held in the church. Joe, our instructor, focussed on learning ‘You are my Sunshine’ for the whole hour. I found that useful as we started with the chords and learning to play in time together, then sang the words at the end.

Tai Chi seemed a little easier this time, although I was worried about my left knee, so trying to be careful. Still, I really love this class and our instructor is quite special. I want to continue. Today my knee isn’t even stiff, so I can’t be doing it any harm.

In the evening we went to an event at our local library run by two musicians called ‘History of the Blues’. They mentioned ‘You are my Sunshine’ as an old blues number, which has made me more interested in learning it – oddly enough. The session was enjoyable and the library staff served wine and other drinks and some food. The Carneys were there as well.

We have next door neighbours who are leaving early in the morning, so they are doing some of their packing up now. Good news as their spot is where Marie and Geoff will be tomorrow.


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