South Newdegate, Rest Area near John Holland Road

We lingered in Kulin after using their dump point and water facilities, marvelling at their facilities for the free RV parking area. Flushing toilets and hot showers, no less, a nice park and a cafe across the road. Still, it was only 50 kms from our overnight area and we had to move on.


We stopped at the Lake Grace lookout for lunch. The view wasn’t wonderful, the lake itself in the distance and mostly only visible from a little raised platform.

Lake Grace Lookout
Lake Grace

We stopped in Lake Grace for some fuel, then continued on our way. At about 3.00 pm I’d had enough of travelling. We found a camping area a little off the road. It was hot and we rested until about 5.00 pm, then took a little walk, rather an interesting name, the Jam patch Soak Walk. Where we are is not very nice woodlands, but the walk on the other side did have flowers and Stephen found some orchids when he stepped off the path for a moment.

On the Jam Soak walk
The road into our camping area. We are the only ones here.

It was even colder overnight than last night and the sun is very welcome to warm up our van a bit. Today we should reach Ravensthorpe, only about 150kms to go!

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