In 100 objects. We finally got to this exhibition at the Museum. Probably good that we waited because with our vouchers we got in for $10.00 each.

First off, we walked to the Victoria Park Post Office to do our passport renewals. Quite expensive for the two of us, including photos, it was around $500.00. We may have to wait a couple of months for the new ones to be ready. I’m not sure if Stephen’s British passport is still current.

We then walked to the station and caught the train into the city centre. There was a new outdoor cafe, Livingstones, where we had a morning coffee/chai, Stephen dropped off some music, and then we went to the exhibition.

Livingstone from the outside
Feeling good before we started at the exhibition

We did about 1/3 of the objects, then went to the community centre for lunch. Very basic hot food, very cheap, but the room is quite lovely. Then we headed back for the rest. I gave up a bit before Stephen, doing just over 1/3 more. Then felt in need of afternoon tea, so we went back to Livingstones.

Our afternoon tea table
My favourite object, I think it may be Egyptian, I should have taken a photo of the caption.

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