All week

Friday Evening

The photo is from our walk last Friday afternoon. This is on the Burswood side of the Causeway. Just a small touchup in Lightroom.

On Sunday I felt better. The main thing was going to the little concert in the afternoon. Matt was dropped off at the venue. He appeared to enjoy it, although once the music started he kicked the back of my chair in rythmn to the music and was saying something (don’t know what, of course) but realised that he wanted to dance. We actually had a nice time, with some rain. During the interval he was fine with us talking to other people and having tea and biccies, then once the music started it was back to dancing. Although it was good for me to get some exercise I was really looking forward to the taxi pickup.

I spoke with Bernie’s mother Pat during the interval. She used to work for the old Spastic Welfare, but with adults. It was an interesting conncetion.

Afterwards, Stephen and I went and picked up a meal at Dog Swamp Shopping Centre and took it back to Matt’s place. We heated up the main courses and had some cut up fruit for afters. We saw the Murrays, which was lovely.

Then we went to another concert at St Josephs in Subiaco with Eversley and Pam, a very different concert to the Scottish music of the afternoon. Pam gave us all a lift back to Eversley’s place where Stephen and I had left the car.

Monday was a training day, a new version of Manual Handing, fairly enjoyable. Tuesday I met with Eversley for lunch. We went to the cafe in her local shopping centre which has been revamped. Tea comes in a big pot, with a lovely cup and saucer, I may have that next time. It was just nice to catch up. I had been feeling that we weren’t getting so much time together as in the past, so asked if we could meet every couple of weeks for lunch or coffee. This was the first meeting.

Afterwards I went over to Belmont Forum to have a look at the new Aldi store that opened recently. Interesting, but very different to a normal supermarket. It was very busy, so lots of people either trying it out, or making it their regular shopping place.

In the evening Stephen went to WASO rehearsal.

I saw Mum on Wednesday. A nice day, mostly cloudy. We paid a bill and got lunch at Rosies, which had had done with Marie on Monday. We discussed the Enduring Power of Attorney and she seemed happy to go ahead to set it up. I suggested that with the physio and OT appointments at SJOG Midland that we go once, see what they can offer, and then it’s up to her if she wants to go again. Our plan is to look at walking frames when she comes to stay with us in July.

On Thursday I had another training day and got confirmation that I am booked into First Aid Training when I return in October. I finished off my May and June credit card statements and took them up to HV3 to be processed by Charles. I liked the women on my table, and felt a special connection with Brenda, who was seated next to me. Somehow just found her very likeable, and we exchanged email addresses at the end.

I had ordered a new, larger HD for my 13″ Macbook and had it installed this morning at the service department of PRA imaging. The store seems oddly bare of much in the way of cameras and their website hasn’t been working, with something new promised. But, there Service Department worked well, with staff installing the new HD whilst I waited. I’ve restored the system again from aTime Machine backup, but am getting an odd message when it starts up, so may have to do a fresh install and try using Migration Assistant to install my stuff. Everything appears to be working OK.