Stopover at Kojonup

I didn’t write a blog post yesterday because nothing much happened. Stephen and Geoff went out locally to look at wildflowers. Marie was feeling unwell for the third day running and I took the opportunity to have a rest day. Stephen and Geoff also went out to get some Chinese takeaway, which was the highlight of the day for me, but not for Marie as she didn’t feel up to eating it. We have some leftovers for our dinner tonight.

Marie and Geoff were booked until Friday, but decided to go home today. The weather in Mt Barker has been wet and rainy, with today and tomorrow looking pretty much the same. We wanted to leave on Thursday to break up the journey to Nanga. We are due there at 5.00 p.m. on Friday and we tend to take things quite slowly.

We visited the Kodja Centre for morning tea and so that Stephen could go through the gallery/exhibition centre. He finally bought a copy of the wildflower book he has been borrowing from the library. It was cold and wet outside and we didn’t go through the rose garden part. We spoke with a lovely young woman at the Visitor Centre. She said that the farmers in the area are against paying for a Visitor Centre and exhibition area, and can be quite rude. As visitors we think it is a lovely rescource and highlights first people and settlers of the area. Interestingly, the town does have free camping for RVs, plus a public dump point. Seems a bit schizophrenic – on the one hand encouraging visitors, but then not wanting the visitors to be able to find out about the town and local area.

The reason we are paying for the caravan park is, of course, the fridge not working on gas. It will be a bit annoying at Nanga having our stuff in the communal fridge away from the van. At least we won’t have to waste all of our food. We are booked in for all of the evening meals, but need food for breakfast and lunch. We stopped at the IGA on the way here to stock up on fruit, salads, and other necessary stuff, including a non alcoholic rose.

We arrived at this quirky little caravan park in the rain. Stephen connected the power and and had our lunch and a rest. It has been interesting to walk around the park and take photos.



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We’ve been here before with the Starcraft staying in one of the other drive through bays. I don’t remember taking much notice of our surroundings, perhaps we were too tired last time.

From Friday evening we will have spotty to none mobile phone service, definitely no way to upload blog posts.


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