Tuesday October 2nd, 2018

We had a sunny spell late this afternoon and the featured image is of us on our campsite at the Mt Barker Caravan Park.

We had a relaxed morning, and a leisurely breakfast. I did some washing and got it mostly dry in the dryer. We have the clothes airer set up in the van, finishing things off. I don’t plan to do another wash as this should keep us going until we get home.

Four of us went to Albany today. Stephen chose to stay at the caravan park. He walked to the Visitor Centre in the afternoon when the rain eased. We found that the weather was different in Albany. We had some sunny spells and no rain.

Glenn caught a bus to Middleton Beach and the rest of us went to a cafe for takeaway coffee and cake before heading up to Mt Mitchell. There are a couple of viewpoints as well as the tower to climb. Can you see Geoff in the tower photo?

view1 (1 of 1)

view2 (1 of 1)

Albany (1 of 1)

Geoff up the tower (1 of 1)

After returning to pick up Glenn we had lunch at the cafe at Middleton Beach, then came home. Soon after we arrived back it began to rain again, a light misty rain.


Our lunch
Middleton Beach (1 of 1)
Middleton Beach
camera (1 of 1)
at Middleton Beach

We watched the first hour of the movie ‘The Leisure Seeker’. It is by turns very funny and very sad. We are not sure where it is going, but a road movie is about being on the road. We hope we are a little more competent in our travels than the characters in the movie.

more flowers (1 of 1)
A flower from Mt Melville

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