The long and winding road (Muir Highway)

Highlights of the day: Visiting Muir Lake Bird Observatory, the Muir Nature Strip and seeing Lake Muir from a lookout point.

Muir Highway meanders between Manjimup and Mt Barker. We had visited the Lake Muir Bird Observatory a few years ago in June when it was disappointingly quite dry. Even at this time of year after good rain, the lake was quite a distance from the bird hide. If we hadn’t accidentally gone down the wrong road we wouldn’t have known that the lake is quite large, with lots of water. I didn’t take a photo from up there, but here is a photo from the hide.

but where is the lake? (1 of 1)

Going down that road had another bonus, we found lots of wildflowers in the little nature strip on our way back to the highway.

We had a look at the camping area at Muir’s Bridge. It had been a possible place to stay last night, if our fridge had been able to operate on gas. It looked really nice, with a path leading down to the river (the Frankland River). However, it would have been a long way to drive yesterday after the walk in the morning. We has a very comfortable night at Manjimup and the drive today was interesting, without being too long.

We arrived here at about 3.30 p.m. (I think), and have a level slab for parking, with an extra bit for our ‘patio’. Stephen set up all the plumbing, etc. and when Geoff came over to say hello I asked him to help us set up the awning. It has come in handy as a place to use the electric pressure cooker. We are having a chicken ‘something or other’ and it is nice to have all the steam happening outside of the van!

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