Up early

We had a bit of a problem with the lights on the caravan, so I took it over to Ken Peachy yesterday morning, getting there a bit after 8.00 a.m. I think. We had put the caravan in the ‘go’ position the afternoon before. They checked it out, but said it appeared to be a plug problem, not the cord leading into the plug, and they adjusted the plug. They also adjusted the handbrake for us, it was much too tight. Mike said that handbrakes are always a problem and we should always use jocks when parked. We do.

I did some desk work, paying bills, and sorting out things to do with Matt’s powered chair (he will pay $4,000 towards the cost), and his 4WD course with Scott. He may have to sit in a special seat, like a baby seat, but for adults. If only he could still prop and walk a little, as he used to do, it would mean not having to always lift him. Easy when you can use a hoist, but not really possible with the car, unless attaching it to the top of the car to swing him in. I sent the forms by email, then posted hard copies.

I prepared our dinner, heating things up and putting prepared salad in a bowl. I did too much food, we both left some of the pasta. Still feeling odd and fretting about Mum’s care.

This morning I went to a place to look at display kitchens before coming over to Leederville to meet with Stephen. I didn’t exactly feel inspired by what was on offer. However, very plain kitchens are cheaper, and it will come down to a mix of what works and the price. I don’t feel ready to get someone out to do a quote.

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