Heads will roll…

The two major parties are playing silly games with media reporting that both parties are considering their options of replacing their leaders because of the very close result. This is so stupid, we didn’t vote for the leaders, we voted for the parties. All this changing things at the top means nothing if the parties do not present us with clear and detailed policies that there is some chance they will stick to if elected. Why should one person have to take the blame. We are sick of it, just learn and move on…

We went down to Brighton Beach after Stephen’s movie, but it was so still that the air did not seem clearer than in the city. Nevertheless, a walk along the beach was good for us.

Sunday was a quiet day. We had Matt to tea as usual and he seemed mostly happy. There have been short times on both his latest visit when he seemed to be a bit upset and trying to tell us something, but without clear language he doesn’t have much chance of letting us know precisely what it is. Our questions got us nowhere, so we all moved on. His taxi was half an hour late and he relaxed until it came.

I was finding myself worrying about Mum, so went up to see her, knowing that Marie would be there. We discussed a few issues and I also had a chance to talk with Jamie. He admitted that he hadn’t expected her to be so dependant so quickly. We are trying to work out the best course of action and I will have a chance to discuss it with Tracy tomorrow. I had a rest and left Mum’s at about 3.00 p.m. I saw Bec and the children briefly, nice because I see Mel and her kids a bit, and have caught up with Roz’s kids too.

I’ve got the dates when Jamie and Tracy will be away and will pick her up on the day they leave and take her home the day after they get back.


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