Autumn in Perth

Over Easter we went and camped in our caravan at Mum’s. We had thought that Jamie and Tracy would be away, but in fact, they were home. The weather was the problem, rain and storms were forecast. It  rained pretty steadily all Saturday. We saw some lightning, but it did not come close to us. After Friday, the weather was cool and cloudy, much better for sleeping.

Mum appeared to enjoy having us there. Robyne came and stayed Friday night as well. I didn’t go for any walks, being rather taken up with cooking, etc. It was just rather busy. We watched movies in the afternoons.

On Monday we returned home in time to have Matt for tea. Stephen and Matt went out to get the pizza. We had different drivers, organised by Tin, and that worked quite well.

On Tuesday we had breakfast with David and Lesley. She is still recovering and not able to do her normal activities, but they are looking forward to their trip overseas.

Yesterday I saw Mum again. Jamie came over and we discussed a possible date for her to move into the granny flat. Mum is finding it stressful, even though she will not be actually doing any of the packing/unpacking. But of course, moving house and leaving the lovely cottage is going to be hard for her. Based on the weekend we spent with her I think she will enjoy having more people about. By Wednesday she had pretty much forgotten that she had Robyne to stay with her, so even quite frequent visits get ‘lost’. I have thought of keeping a diary of our visits and what happens. Note to self: buy a diary.

After breakfast at Floreat Beach we went to Cottesloe. Stephen wanted to have a fruit smoothie and I was happy to stay near the sea for a while longer. The featured photo is Cottesloe Beach.

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