A quiet morning – Thursday

This morning we had a leisurely breakfast of boiled eggs and toast (and cereal in Stephen’s case), tea and coffee. We talked about going to visit Oxford and staying for a few nights. After checking out the YHA and college options, and finding them all full next week, we went for Airbnb, and found a room for $72.00 per night, with breakfast, with good access to the centre of the town. Our plan is to go by train to London and catch a coach to Oxford. We booked for four nights leaving Monday and returning on Friday. This is just before the term break.

Airbnb differs from normal B&B in that it can be a bit more casual and lower in cost, I think. This house has only one bathroom and toilet that we share with our hosts, hence the relatively low cost. We checked out the weather and it should be fairly dry on most days. Sunshine is a possible bonus.

We are going out this evening to Fairfield Halls to see the simulcast of ‘Hamlet’, which is still on in London. Below is a photo of the outside of Croydon Minster from yesterday.

Croydon Minster
Croydon Minster

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  1. All sounding very settled now in your new home – thank goodness for heating… even had electric blanket on here two nights ago!
    Enjoy Oxford… yes I would like to come to Oxford.. but no I’m enjoying Kambarang over here so will just the blog instead! It is actually quite cold today…and I’ve been sleeping in too.
    Enjoyed Nanga last weekend, and all go for Dunsborough now. Seems like 20 of us are committed so should be fun. Perhaps I should start a new blog myself.. no idea what the theme would be.
    My focus is currently to complete the Rottnest saga – at least first draft by the end of the year… and fortunately Eleanor Carney (and Bernard) are showing interest in reading drafts since they are also passionate about Rotto history. Eleanor has joined the memoir group of course.
    Today I have lunch with ex husband and get updated on how eldest son is faring in Sydney.
    And then I rush to pick up Benji from school and tea with them all at the Triggs surf club.
    No time for cooking these days!!
    Go well with your next adventures…hi to St….. Ex

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