Travels with the Winnie: Day 82

Peterborough to Iron Knob (or Horrocks Pass Rest Area Revisited)

We had a peaceful night, used lots of water, and filled up the tank this morning. But, what we hope is a minor water problem, when we tried emptying our grey tank today there appears to be a blockage, with only a trickle of water coming out. We tried at different locations, thinking that the blockage might dislodge as we drove along. Our grey water guage has a slight glitch and won’t register until it gets fuller, so we must wait a bit to be able to show a workman that we really have a problem. Possibly a mechanic could fix it, take off the hose and check the outlet for the tank and the hose for blockage.

We bought more fruit and vegetables before leaving Peterborough as we had eaten everything from our cookup.

The scenery on our drive here to Iron Knob has been just lovely. Sometimes through beautiful farmland, with hills in the distance, then going through Horrocks Pass and making a stop where we camped early on our trip, and after Port August, the sweeping landscape and skies on our drive to Iron Knob. It was a difficult drive with strong winds rocking the Winnie, but we didn’t feel tired because it was so inspiring.

a stop on the way3 (1 of 1)
A stop on the way
Horrocks Pass RA3 (1 of 1)
Horrocks Pass Rest Area
Horrocks Pass RA2 (1 of 1)
Horrocks Pass monument

Unlike our trip two years ago I am finding the journey home enjoyable. Today we reached the place where the road divides – either up to Alice Springs or crossing the Nullabour to Perth. Now were are on familiar territory. But, I think the journey has been long enough, with the time in the outback as the main focus, to leave me feeling pretty satisfied about what has been covered this trip. I’m looking forward to being home and catching up with family and friends. Still, there is a lot to interest us the rest of the way to Perth.

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  1. Homeward bound now!!! Travel well… it feels like you have been away a long time!!! You might be my last housewarming event!!! Early September?

    • We think we’ll be home on about 28th August, Stephen wants to make a WASO rehearsal on that date. We’ve just booked a caravan park at Streaky Bay. It’s new, a bit away from the town. We’ve only booked one night, but might stay two. So we should be home for your last housewarming😀

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