Travels with the Winnie: Day 81

Cockburn to Peterborough

Today has been memorable for interesting scenery as we approached mountain ranges, crossing the border into South Australia from New South Wales and stuffing ourselves with fruit and vegetables at lunchtime because we would be going through a quarantine station late in the day. The station was closed, of course. I was hoping they would somehow know from our faces that we had been eating so much fruit and veg!

We didn’t just eat, I made a vegetable curry soup in our largest saucepan, which used up almost everything. As well as eating some fresh fruit I also cooked apples, pears, mandarin and strawberries in honey. From past experience we assumed that cooked vegetables and fruit would be OK. The good thing about that is that we have plenty left over for our tea tonight. Just need to add protein.

The featured image above shows the sign over the camper’s kitchen at Cockburn. We did indeed feel welcome in the tiny village.

Crossing the border from New South Wales to South Australia, as we were leaving Cockburn this morning.

Cockburn - a house (1 of 1)
A house in Cockburn, also showing the flat land around from the slight elevation we were on.
open land (1 of 1)
The Winnie at Cockburn. Other caravans had left.

We really love the wide open spaces we have been driving through. As we got closer to Peterborough we started going through passes in ranges of hills. In front of us are the Flinders Ranges, and we will be going through them on our way to Port Augusta tomorrow.

Something I forgot from the post this morning is that yesterday in Silverton we were able to get our gas bottle filled. Today in Peterborough there was a dump station and potable water tap in town. We refilled our tank and water containers with what we hope will be better tasting water than we had at Broken Hill.

Peterborough is an RV friendly town and we are staying with about four other vans in a free camping spot, fairly close to the train museum we saw two years ago. There are no hookups and no toilets within close walking distance, this site is purely for fully self contained vans, which I guess is what we are. We can’t get TV in our spot, but it is perfectly level and a bit away from the road, so we don’t want to move. We should get good morning sun.

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