Travels with the Winnie: Day 76

Little Topar Roadhouse to Menindee via Broken Hill

We enjoyed the morning drive to Broken Hill and went straight to the Visitors Centre, which has a Gloria Jeans Cafe. We were going to use their dump point, but after booking our caravan park at Minindee and confirming that it has a dump point we settled in to enjoy our morning tea at the cafe. I wrote yesterday’s blog using my iPad, just to make sure it got done whilst we were on good internet.

Then we drove down to Menindee, going directly to our caravan park without going into the town. Our plan is to drive there tomorrow to explore around. Today is very cold and wet – we arrived here just as a storm came in, and have been dodging showers to plug in and put on some washing. Our ‘lake’ is actually an artificial reservoir, although it is called a lake. We can see lots of bird life, they don’t mind the wind and rain. The pelican we saw looked particularly calm and happy.

We can order fish and chips from the caretakers, and they deliver it to our van, so will do that for tonight’s dinner. It feels rather strange to have 240v electricity. We have water connected as well, but it’s lake water and not suitable for drinking and can only be used for washing up, etc. There is drinking water available from rain water tanks, but we are also carrying a fair bit of drinking water and may not need to fill up here. We have booked for two nights, but could stay for three. We will also stay one night in Broken Hill to give us time to look around and perhaps see the movie Dunkirk Sunday night.

stormy weather (1 of 1)
Stormy weather at Copi Hollow, Menindee, NSW
Apart from doing the washing we are relaxing and enjoying being snug in the van whilst it storms outside. The featured photo shows the Winnie – our villa by the lake.

Travels with the Winnie: Day 75

McCullochs Range Rest Area to Little Topar Roadhouse via Wilcannia

Yesterday was a fairly standard day of travel, with a bit of time in Wilcannia to have coffee, dump our toilet and fill up with fresh water and fuel. The cafe was also the information centre and she told us we could use a tap at the council run caravan park on the river. The dump point was on the road and there we met up with a Salvation Army chaplain and partner (I think the husband was the chaplain, but it could have been the wife). They live in Broken Hill and filled us in on some of the things to see around BH.

The featured image shows the cafe where we had our morning tea. Never pass up the chance to sit in a comfortable arm chair!

old bridge (1 of 1)
The old bridge, which is unused, blocking out the new bridge over the Darling River in Wilcannia. It looks similar to the one in Bourke.

We chose the Roadhouse for last night as rain was forecast and the area for vans had blue metal. We didn’t want to risk getting bogged. We were the first there and chose our spot where it was level. As about six other vans arrived it turned out that we were rather in the way, especially for people with very large caravans. The rain came in slowly at first, then became quite persistent at times. There was also strong wind overnight, which Stephen slept through. No leaks from hatches!

weather coming in (1 of 1)
On the road to Little Topar Roadhouse we could see the potentially stormy weather coming in.

We had internet, ┬ábut WordPress wouldn’t load, so I gave up. I have a few photos to add to this post later, but they are not available to me on the iPad.

I keep forgetting to mention that we are seen a lot of emus on the roads in the last few days. Goats as well. The goats and emus don’t appear to get hit by cars, only kangaroos. We don’t see kangaroos, they must only come out at night. The goats are many different colours and actually very pretty. I just haven’t had a chance to photograph any.