Travels with the Winnie: Day 62

Warick Day 3 – mountains, waterfalls, villages, farmland and a retirement village tour

What a day! Graeme arrived at about 9.00 a.m. and we set off on a day of exploring. We drove through Killarney, a local farming village in a beautiful setting with green farmland and mountains as a backdrop. Our goal was the Queen Mary Falls, but we stopped at Daggs Falls Park on the way.

Daggs Falls Park (1 of 1)
as the sign says…
Daggs Falls Park2 (1 of 1)
looking down on the waterfall

Our next stop was the cafe at Queen Mary Falls. We had a Devonshire Tea, but restricted ourselves to one scone each as we had special place for lunch planned after our walk and wanted to be able to do it justice.

inside the entrance to the cafe
Rosellas (1 of 1)
there were rosellas feeding outside when we arrived
Jumpers and Jazz at the Queen Mary Falls (1 of 1)
and they were getting into the spirit of the Jumpers and Jazz Festival at Warwick which begins this weekend and runs for two weeks

The challenge was then whether we stopped at the lookout to the falls or went down to the base and up the other side. Of course we did it, did you doubt we would?

water heading over the cliff (1 of 1)
the creek is about to drop off the cliff
and there it goes (1 of 1)
and there it goes
where it lands (1 of 1)
and lands down there
now we look up (1 of 1)
now we are looking up
The Head (1 of 1)
our next stop is at a lookout
very grand (1 of 1)
A very interesting and beautiful view of mountains and farmland and forest. There was a guide to the mountains we could see before us
taken with the GoPro for a wide angle view
walking on the lawn outside the restaurant (1 of 1)
the view from outside the restaurant
the restaurant

After driving a different scenic route we arrived back in town and had hot chocolate and vanilla slice for afternoon tea. We shared the one slice between three people, don’t forget it wasn’t that long since we had had lunch.

the vanilla slice (1 of 1)
my third

They had lots of specialty products for sale in the cafe. I wanted to buy Stephen some apple streudel jam, but he wasn’t going to spend $10.00 to find out what it tasted like.

Graeme's house (1 of 1)
Graeme took us on a tour of the retirement village where he lives.

There is a swimming pool, small temporary clubhouse, and a new large clubhouse being built. There are many delightful outdoor spaces with work done by various creative residents working together.

one of the many village projects (1 of 1)
part of the Wizard of Oz project
more Jumpers and Jazz (1 of 1)
and a tree celebrating the J&J Festival

Although it looks like we were just sightseeing, or eating and drinking, we actually had time for conversation about families and loved ones and music, etc. which contributed to a very full day. Overall, a wonderful experience and I was able to take photos to my heart’s content!

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