Travels with the Winnie: Day 65

Karara Recreation Grounds to Goondiwindi

This is a photo of the Winnie at our campsite this morning. It was a frosty night, and there were sparkles of ice on the outside of the van.

Karara Recreation Grounds (1 of 1)
Karara Recreation Grounds

sparkles of ice (1 of 1)
sparkles of ice
We took our time getting up this morning. We had breakfast before our showers which gave time for the sun to begin to warm things up outside.

We had two stops on the way, the first to get fuel and the second to have lunch in a rest area at a small town on the way. I was using Google Maps to navigate and it gave us a choice of two ways of getting to our destination. We took the Tourist Drive, not that wonderful, but it got us away from the main traffic. At one point we went over a river, then onto a very poorly graded gravel road. We realised we had taken a wrong turn, fortunately we were able to turn around and get back on track.

Our campsite tonight is free camping at a local park in Goondiwindi. It’s a council experiement to see if offering free camping will result in travellers spending money in the community. There are caravan parks in the town and there is also fairly cheap camping ($25.00 per night with power and water) at the show grounds. Vans here are supposed to be self contained and ranged around a U shape. However, there are some odd things like people in station wagons and someone with a roof tent. A caravan is also parked on the verge.

Goondiwindi (1 of 1)
Our spot before the place filled up

Goondiwindi Park (1 of 1)
the park
We went for a walk into the town before tea. It was just as well we had a pre cooked meal in the van as it was tempting to have something at one of the Asian restaurants in town.

Our van was still warm when we got back from our walk. We deliberately chose a spot in the sun for the solar power, and that helped in keeping warm. It should also be a benefit in the morning.

town hall (1 of 1)
Town Hall, Goondiwindi

palms (1 of 1)
Palms in the main street
We have a good TV signal and excellent internet.