Travels with the Winnie: Day 69

Moree to Walgett

I had an excellent night’s sleep last night and was feeling relaxed and ready to go travelling again. The only attractive landscapeon our way was in a little section with red soil, the bush became very green. We are still going through the cotton growing region, with little white tufts along both sides of the road as the trucks take bales of cotton to the gins.

We saw this little cafe in a village so small it was the cafe, a house and a school. The cafe has very long opening hours (until 9.00 p.m.) to cater for trucks, but also provides a place for mothers to come after dropping their older kids off at school. There is also a school bus service for children coming from further away. It appears to cater for the children as well with little bags of lollies and unhealthy fried food.

The cafe is quite nicely decorated inside as well. Instant coffee and tea bags and SaraLee cake and short drop toilets of dubious cleanliness, but you can’t have everything.

We arrived in Walgett at about 3.00 p.m. Not much to set up when we free camp, just the mat and our chairs, plus the clothes airer for wet towells.

The Winnie in Walgett (1 of 1)
This free campsite is provided by the Walgett council. There are BBQs, flushing toilets, picnic tables and a tap labelled ‘Filtered Water’ which we think means it’s safe to drink. However, we are using it for washing dishes and ourselves only. We do have a water tank, but like to conserve it when we can, just in case…
another grey nomal village scene (1 of 1)
We were fortunate to get one of the four bays with bitumen. But, as the grey nomads gathered making up the usual ‘village’, many people chose dusty spots near the pond.
pond (1 of 1)
The pond with fountain.
pond fountain (1 of 1)
The fountain. Looks like a rusty old tub for the base.

Choir rehearsal for our friends is just starting, whilst for us it is 8.40 p.m.