Travels with the Winnie: Day 59

Miles Showgrounds to Dalby

We still have coughs and colds. Stephen’s dates from around the time of the Barkly Homestead. Mine is more recent, not quite sure when it started. Anyway, we felt that we needed comfort today, so have booked into a caravan park tonight. It is on a little creek (Myall Creek) and we are parked on lawn overlooking the water. Speaking of water, our good water hose has suffered a failure of the brass fitting and it needs replacing. Our other hose doesn’t reach to the tap, so although we feel very comfortable here we will have to use our water tank for running water. Not a big problem as we will be in a caravan park in Warwick for a few days.

We arrived here at about 1.00 p.m. after travelling about 120 kms today. It was quite enough, we were tired by the time we got here and very ready to settle in. We had lunch and a rest, then walked along a path by the creek to the town centre. There are all of the normal shops, such as Target, etc., but mostly along a street. There is also a shopping mall and we were able to get a few things at Woollies. There was a stall in the middle with lots of hardware items, including hose fittings. Stephen wasn’t sure what size we needed and may go back in the morning to buy a fitting.

It’s such a joy to be parking on green grass after so much mud and dried grass that makes such a mess.

We were waiting until Warwick to do washing, but Stephen will need clean underclothes, so I’ve done a couple of loads of washing here. I need to do our bedding, etc. when we arrive, so it is good to not have a big lot of clothes as well when we arrive there.

the Dalby Dude (1 of 1)
Red Capped Wanderer and Dalby Dude
Winnie out to grass (1 of 1)
The Winnie on grass
duck family (1 of 1)
Duck Family
Catty Cakes (1 of 1)
on the Dalby main street

I was able to get some De Lorenzo Nova Fusion colour care shampoo in Rosewood. I heard about it through one of the Youtube channels I watch (Bus Life NZ) and have been longing to try it on my hair. I’m hoping it will give a touch of pink to my white hair. I hope I don’t end up regretting it (thinking of Anne of Green Gables here).

We’ve bought some cooked chicken pieces and salads to have for tea tonight as we wanted something easy and reasonably healthy.