The image at the top was taken yesterday in Vienna as we walked through a park.

Today we got up early, for us, and travelled by train to Dresden. We felt anxious each time we boarded a train because we didn’t reserve seats and knew there would only be a few left over. We caught two trains and were lucky both times to find seats together.

We came through some interesting scenery, especially just over the border from the Czech Republic. The area is the Saxon Switzerland National Park, which has karst formations similar to those we have seen in China. We were travelling along the Elbe River. Of course, we could only see a little part of the National Park from the train.

We napped on the train, but have arrived here very tired and ready for an early night. We had lunch in Prague as we had enough time between trains to find a proper restaurant, but have only had a light supper of things we had in our food pouch, plus bread, milk and butter that we bought at the station before boarding our tram. We are located out of the city in a tiny home at the side of our hosts’ house. It’s delightful, and I will take some photos in the morning. With low ceilings and lots of wood we really do feel that we are Hobbits.

Our food pouch. Stephen carries it over his shoulder when we are travelling. It can contain all,sorts of little treats, as well as basics such as bread and muesli.

And just a couple of photos of our tiny home.

We have travelled from Vienna, through the Czech Republic to Dresden today. We are not sure of the distance, but it must be a few hundred kilometres. Perhaps that is why we feel so tired.

Some better photos of our little Hobbit house. The only place for a couch is in the bedroom, which is larger than the living room. I haven’t included a photo of the couch, it is where I’m sitting to write this update.

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