Last days in Weimar and on the trains to England

After my last post we took a ride out to Buchenwald, a concentration camp set up as a memorial. Although the location was beautiful,it was a very depressing place and we were glad to leave.

Yesterday we took a much more pleasant option of visiting the local ‘Belvedere’, a beautiful house and park near Weimar. After touring the house and learning about the original openers extravagant spending which left the state in a bad way financially when he died, we had coffee in a very nice setting, where we FaceTimed with Matt.

We spent the rest of the afternoon looking at the gardens and parkland. We had a cheap bratwurst lunch, followed by an ice cream. On the bus an advert was using the image of a kangaroo to advertise a hop on hop off ticket. The macadamia ice cream had a picture of a koala and suggestion of Ularu on it. Australia is at least famous for these.

This morning we had our final packing up of this journey before catching a bus to the station. We have four trains to get to London, then one more to Croydon. The train journeys are very comfortable with lovely scenery. There is a bit of tension in catching trains, but our next two have seat bookings, which is less stressful.