To the North: a musical evening in Marble Bar

Today we moved from our unpowered site to a powered site. Our battery system was struggling so much that the the water pump barely worked. It was definitely time for a good charge up. We have been travelling for two weeks and this is our first night with an electric hookup. And we have water as well, rather than using our tank. It feels luxurious, though we actually don’t mind just using our off grid power system.

It was quite a warm day and we didn’t do much. Stephen took a walk to the local shop, then spent some time in the library. I washed the floor, something I had wanted to do for a while. We have a concert pad and lots of space to put things during the washing process.

In the evening we enjoyed a music session with Phil Inn. That’s not a personal name, but the name of the act. I’m not sure of his real name, but he and his wife travel around doing music gigs in a pink utility and tear drop camper. They set up the sound equipment and do concerts on their journey, fundraising for mental health. It went on for two hours, 4.30 to 6.30. I had a look at his YouTube channel, but found the live performance much more enjoyable. Many of the people at the caravan park joined and we made quite a good sized audience.

I was feeling that music is following us around as we also had a musical time with Shareem and Frederick in Port Hedland. I wonder if there will be more.

We leave here tomorrow morning for our next campsite, a veterans retreat about 80 kms from here. it is a paid camp, with some facilities, but no internet. Curiously water is not a problem in this area. They have had substantial rain recently and there are many small rivers, dry at the moment, but with some patches of water. Perhaps there is a lot of water underground. The lawns are watered for ages at a time and there are no notices up in the showers asking us to be careful about water usage.

The bush camp we are going to has drinking water, showers and washing machines, all indicating a good fresh water supply. Note to self: ask about the water.

The vehicle and truck are painted in pink, it makes them really stand out.
This shows the vehicle more clearly. The tent is at the back of the teardrop camper and provides a stage setting and good sized living space.
This is our 4Gx modem having a bit of a fit – no we really don’t have 1000 GB of data, the read out was spectacularly wrong. It corrected itself a few minutes later. Would be nice though.

We like using the 4g modem because when we share data from our phones (personal hotspot) it is quite slow, even though data is fast if using the phone. This device lets us have the best download speed possible for our iPads on whatever 4g service we have as we travel around.

I like to have at least phone and text so that family can contact us in an emergency. If we have internet as well that’s a bonus. There are still lots of gaps as we travel.

Perth/Peel are in lockdown and we are not perfectly safe even here, of course, given that there is an a Australia wide outbreak. Not high numbers, but worrying. We haven’t had lockdowns in so many cities and towns since the early days of the pandemic.

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  1. That looks like your tyre is your modem. Novel idea. Glad to see the sunshine and warmth at last. And you are missing g Lockdown 4. Well done!!

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