We drove into town and after spending a bit of time getting as level as posssible we had a short time at a workshop before heading off for our rehearsal. Then lunch, then had our half hour gig. We stayed at that concert until it ended, then headed off for our roast dinner made by volunteers at the old Dunsborough Hall. We then took the Winnie to the school for a great evening of music. The best part was hearing Eneksis, the student choir of Edith Cowan’s Performing arts programme. Quite wonderful.

Then, back to our caravan park to enjoy a bit of quiet time before going to bed.

I took a few photos of performances, it have to fall back on one or two from yesterday for this post.

We had a red dawn this morning and the moon was red tonight, still showing the effects of the smoky atmosphere. The forecast tomorrow is for more smoke haze.

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