Dunsborough Songfest 2018

We’ve had a very busy few weeks leading up to getting away. The Winnie was sitting on the lawn out the front for about three and a half weeks, except for the day she went to Ken Peachy for her ‘house’ service. They were able to fix the fridge by replacing a part.

By this morning I was feeling quite relaxed. We had a good rehearsal with a small group of choir members last night which made me feel confident about our performances over this weekend. We had planned to go to our MALA lectures on flora of the south west and originals of the Middle East conflict this morning, then leave in the afternoon, but it was apparent that getting ready to travel required quite a lot of work. We managed to get away at about 11.00 and arrived her in Dunsborough at about 5:30 pm.

Annette and Stuart are our neighbours here at the caravan park and Stuart drove us into town this evening, which was very much appreciated as it wasn’t easy to find our way at night.

Today has been sunny and warm, though there was a lot of smoke about as we approached Busselton. We bypass Busselton these days on the new road and there was little warning when we arrived at the roundabout where we should have turned right, opposite the Macdonalds, but we were able to turn around and come back within a few hundred metres.

We are in a different part of the caravan park this time, near some water and a field of cows. We had a beautiful sunset with the smoke, and the cows came close to the fence.

The concert this evening was a sort of taster of many groups of singers, with some very good acts to make us look forward to the next couple of days. We met up with friends and had a good evening.

Then home to the van to have showers and go to bed. I drove all of the way here. After a good nights sleep I was feeling well, it also the road was very busy and if Stephen had driven I would have been very nervous indeed. It’s an excellent road, mostly dual carriageway, with lots of places to take breaks, but the amount of traffic was amazing.

Break 1 at the services about 40 minutes from home.
Break 2 amongst beautiful smelling pines
Nap after lunch

We had a third break in Capel for a cuppa.

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