We enjoyed the evening concert and BBQ that mark the end of the Nanga Music Festival for this year. We slept in a bit on Monday morning. I asked if we could follow tradition and have breakfast at the Blue Wren Cafe. Ruth and David, who also got ready slowly, were heading there as well. We spent quite a long time catching up and discussing many things of common interest. Then it was time for everyone to get on the road.

I didn’t want to travel via Albany Highway, so we headed to Pinjarra on our way to the Forrest Highway. We dumped our tanks at the public dump point near the free camping area in town. The drive home seemed relatively easy as we could do a good speed and felt safe on the dual carriageway. We stopped at one of the service areas and had some fruit, the only thing missing from our breakfast at the Blue Wren.

Yesterday Stephen spent most of the day in bed before getting up to go to his choir. I didn’t feel up to going to my choir, which meant he could drive to the Fortress in North Perth. He was coughing overnight and only settled down when he had some Panadol. We have both been better today. I did some shopping yesterday and Stephen went today to get fruit and veggies and one or two things I had forgotten. I paid a solo visit to Mum, not a long session, and she seemed fairly bright and together today, so it was quite enjoyable.


This is the converted bus that was parked at Nanga and made us feel better about counting our motorhome as a ‘campervan’. We also liked the expedition vehicle that was parked a bit further away. They tend to be very, very expensive, but can go absolutely anywhere.


The Winnie is parked on the verge at the front of our units. We have to take it in for a service and to have the fridge fixed next week, and will be leaving for Dunsborough in just over two weeks, so we will probably just leave it there. It could do with a clean, but I am waiting to have the energy. The outside is quite dirty although heavy rain last night has washed away any superficial dirt and dust.

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