Wongan Hills Wildflower Trip: Day 1

Perth to Beverley

We made a later start to our first day of travel. Beverley is only about 1.5 hours from Perth and hot weather was forecast making a later arrival seem sensible. Let’s get the weather out of the way quickly. There was a cool breeze all day which made it seem cool even here in Beverley and the temperature dropped after sunset making it nice to snuggle under the doona for sleeping.

Our route took us along the Brookton Highway, which meant that we would pass by my sister’s house. I had to beg for us to stop and see them and we had a lovely visit catching up on family news.

We pulled into a parking bay a little way along Brookton Highway and were fortunate that we could walk a little way into the bush on tracks to see wildflowers.






We arrived here in Beverley around 3.00 pm. Beverley provides free camping just over the bridge from the town. There are clean flushing toilets, bins and a water tap. There is a dump point in town we will take advantage of when we are leaving. We are allowed to stay here 48 hours which is ideal because it gives us a day to explore and get to know the town.

After a rest and afternoon tea we took a walk over the bridge and along the main road. There are many beautiful old buildings. Not many people about, but when we went into the hotel to buy some cider we found many of the good folk of Beverley in the beer garden.


Back at the van we had found the TV reception a bit spotty and set up the Apple TV so we could watch the news and Australian Story via the internet. We had a meat meal already cooked and I only had to cook some pasta to make a meal. Stephen made us each a bowl of salad. This was followed by herbal teas and a chocolate.

We slept extremely well, for my part only getting up once in the night.





We had coffee after my uncle’s funeral at this cafe. It was a sad day, but I have good memories of him.


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