Wongan Hills Wildflower Trip: Day 4

Greenhills to Koorda

We had a good night’s sleep and our usual morning stuff of music practice and blogging. We are waking up naturally at about 7.00 a.m. each morning as I switched off the alarm a few days ago. There was shade on the van for much of the morning, which made the case for coming to a caravan park overnight even more compelling.

I’ve stayed in this cottage many years ago when it was owned by friends of mine.
The new owners have made it much more homey, even just from the outside.

Our journey to Koorda was interesting as there seems to be no way to order Google Maps to avoid gravel road shortcuts. We had a couple of interesting gravel road sections before we learned to ignore Google’s instructions and just follow the road.

A brief stop in Wyalkatchem (‘strange name but beut place’, as they say of themselves) confirmed that like so many country towns the main street has been prettied up with a pleasant park across the road from the shops.

Arriving in Koorda in the late afternoon we made straight for the caravan park and settled in. It was warm most of the evening though we didn’t need the fan going when we first went to bed. I put it on later when waking up to rather humid and still conditions. As I was going to sleep I could see clouds arriving and some lighting in the distance. The clouds are still around this morning along with some very light rain – not actually wetting us very much.

We have yet to pay as it’s a council run park with no one onsite to take money. There is an honour ¬†box, but you would need to have the right change. Stephen plans to ring the council and see if we can pay by credit card over the phone.

I’ve found it handy to have the camper’s kitchen for washing up pots and pans and have had two showers, so really taking advantage of the facilities. I also used the tub in the laundry to do some hand washing which had dried before we went to bed.

Next to the caravan park is a small woodlands where there are still wildflowers, mainly the Tall Mulla Mulla(featured image). I had a short walk around the bushland with the camera before I cooked our dinner last night, taking advantage of the evening light.

Tall Mulla Mulla



Koorda Caravan Park