Wongan Hills Wildflower Trip: Day 2

A lazy day in Beverley

We woke to a mist which took some time to clear, but we were making a late start anyway and it didn’t matter. We spent the morning in and around the van, me blogging, Stephen practising his music, doing exercises and van chores. By midday it was a bit hot and we wanted to move the van into shade. We decided to take it into the town near the railway line where there is deep shade.

Trying out the bakery for lunch seemed a good idea. It was nice, but not really special. We seem to have light appetites at the moment and didn’t try out any cakes after our ‘main course’ of hamburger and zucchini pie. The IGA is just across the road and I bought bananas to fill us up.

We spent the afternoon either resting or walking around the town. Many shops weren’t open and the Red Vault cafe only opens from Wednesday (today) so it wasn’t an option as a place to sit. Stephen found a couch at the Visitor Centre.

We drove back to our camp site in the late afternoon where we had a cup of tea. Later we took a walk in a nearby nature reserve, which was better for exercise than anything else – it was rather scrubby bushland.




This is the best I could do to make an interesting photo.

We had a beautiful night’s sleep again last night – perhaps because of the fresh air. It seemed colder due to a breeze.

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