Wongan Hills Wilflower Trip: Day 3

Beverley to Greenhills

We had a vague idea of going to York yesterday, but opted for a diversion to Greenhills instead. Greenhills has a beautiful old pub that offers the usual pub meals and free camping (with access to toilets and showers ($5 each). The thought of a nice evening meal that we didn’t have to cook or clean up after was just too tempting. Our parking spot has turned out well as we have shade this morning.

We had lunch at the camping spot in Beverley, then went into town for a few matters. We emptied our toilet and had permission to fill our water tank behind the Visitor’s Centre. Although there was a tap at the campground it was slow filling and really only suitable for getting drinking water. Stephen also did a wander around with the GoPro. It was hot in the sun and as we were parked in the shade I stayed in the van.

We enjoyed the short drive to Greenhills and checked out meals at the pub. In the evening we walked out to look at some of the plaques showing the layout of the town in it’s heyday before going in for our meal. The dining room is called the Queen’s Room and featured other royalties as well as Elizabeth. It is quite lovely. There were six other people dining besides ourselves. We tried out the ginger beer on tap and voted it very good. It is 5% alcoholic so we only had one midi each.

We went to bed quite early, even for us and enjoyed the strong wind swirling around. It was quite cool again overnight. The wind died down later, but it’s very windy outside now. Our power is a little low due to not very much driving and having to park in the shade. Stephen has suggested Koorda as our next overnight and I’ve suggested a caravan park so that we can really charge up our batteries again.

We have a good battery setup (240ah of AGM batteries) but may have to consider getting a set of folding solar panels that we can set up in the sun whilst we park in the shade for the summer months. We have a small 25ah lithium battery/300w inverter as a backup for charging devices and that is proving handy as well.

I have some more photos but we only have 1 bar of 4g, not really enough for uploading photos.

We are enjoying our little trip so far with lazy mornings and time for reading/listening to radio (which Stephen does on his phone). We will head to Wongan Hills on Friday for the beginning of the little festival. Koorda, our next stop, is fairly close to Wongan Hills which means the main driving day is today.

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