We had yet another long concert this morning. We only sang two songs, which meant we didn’t have much work, but we sat through all of the other acts. We caught up with Stuart and Annette before we left our caravan park this morning and had a nice time with Rob and Rita at the end, even providing a change room for Rita and Merilu.

We had lunch at the foreshore, followed by a bit of a nap.

We then went to the town centre to do some shopping. Stephen had information on a bushland reserve to check out before heading down to Boranup National Park and we took a pleasant route through forest and farmland and ended up at a service station where we had coffee. Stephen went off to explore the area as it wasn’t obvious how we would get into the reserve. Naturally the young staff at the service station had no idea even though the reserve is around them.

We decided it was too late in the day to look for orchids. I explored some campsites nearby on properties, but was not able to find a vacancy. Which is how we have ended up at Taunton Farm at $45 per night. It’s worth the money as it is lovely here feeling we are part of a working farm with excellent facilities. We arrived in time to see the animals being fed. Marie will note that the dam has water again.

Our plan is to go back to the bushland, can’t remember the name, in the morning and have lunch there, then head to down Boranup NP.

After we arrived here we sat outside for ‘happy hour’, with diet cola and rice crackers. We feel relaxed and at home. It’s many years since we have stayed here, not necessarily that much fun in a tent on New Years Eve. It was very noisy.

We are having another night with full hookups, feels quite a luxury. I took the induction cooktop outside to cook the sausages and onions. We had vegetables and some salad, followed by fruit and yogurt.

We contacted Matt at 6.30 and had a nice chat. We talked about looking for orchids and Hidde showed Matt what they look like by researching on his phone. We will be home next week so Matt will be able to visit us for dinner.

The Working Voices Choir. We only had a short time to have our photo taken which is why some of the choir members look a bit unprepared. I was taking the photo.

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