Carbunup for wildflowers and camping at Conto Chudditch in Boranup

This is National Park camping at $14.00 per night pensioner rates for two of us. We have well maintained long drop toilets that smell fresh and there is a tap with good water pressure, I’m wondering if this is in case of wildfires. There is a campers kitchen with BBQs, standard national park conditions with an attempt at providing level sites, each with its own fire pit and picnic table. Campfires are allowed, however it started raining at 5.00 pm and there is still a light misty rain from time to time.

They provided a wifi hotspot at the entrance for people like us who hadn’t booked in advance. It was a bit tricky to navigate the booking on my phone, but we managed.

Another nice thing about Taunton Farm is that they tell you they are flexible about checkout times even before you ask. The showers looked nice enough for me to have a shower there last night. Stephen had his shower this morning. We had a relaxed morning and didn’t start packing up until 10.00 am.

We went back up the road to the bushland reserve at Carbunup. We found an abundance of flowers, but no orchids. Still, we had a good time walking through to bush observing and taking photos.

We have one bar of 3G signal here and I think this post will have only one photo.

We were looking forward to a peaceful night here, but I just heard the sound of a van door sliding. We have about 3 other campers here at Chudditch and a great swathe of tents are one of the nearby campgrounds. I think they are too far away for us to hear them unless they start singing or something.

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