Red Gate Beach to Swallows Gallery to Jarrahdene(Leeuwin-Naturaliste National Park)

Here’s the Winnie at our home for tonight at Jarrahdene Campsite.

The top image is from Red Gate Beach. We got up rather late this morning and after a walk to see some flowers we drove to Red Gate Beach. We had a good parking spot looking out over rock pools to the ocean. It was windy when we arrived, but blowing pretty much a gale by the time we left at about 2.00 pm. We walked around taking photos and had our lunch there.

Our next port of call was near Witchcliff. The gallery is owned by the illustrator of one of Stephen’s wildflower books. She has a little gallery of her illustrations in a mud brick chapel dedicated to all religions. I noticed nearby an English style garden. Pat Negus IS English though she came here when she was 23 and has lived most of her life here.

At our campsite this morning. We don’t know the name of this yet.

We bought a couple of books, one of orchids and one a children’s story about sugar possums. She likes doing all kinds of illustrations. She took us into her garden and put bird food on a beach for me to take photos of some of her ‘neighbours’.

On the way to our campsite we passed through the 100 year Forrest and couldn’t resist stopping for a walk into the trees.

All of the photos are straight from the camera to the iPad and some could do with a little editing. It has been such a lovely day with so many lovely things to experience. I’ve taken lots and lots of photos.

Red Gate Beach

And now we get to sleep in a forest! There are no other campers here, we had a little bit of noise in the evening at our precious campsite, but not enough to bother us. This time we will just have the sound of wind in the trees and bird calls.

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