To the North: a restful day in Marble Bar

The water tank. There appears to be a good local water supply and lawns were being watered this morning after campers had left.

Today I mostly sat outside and moved washing around. Last night I packed it all on the clothes airer and that wasn’t a good idea in terms of getting it fully dry. This morning I put out the awning and strung a line which allowed me to spread some items out.

Stephen wanted to do the local heritage walk, leaving at about 11.00, but I didn’t fancy being out in the full sun, so took a pass. It was cool overnight and today has not been hot, though the breeze dropped by evening, making it feel a bit warm.

On his walk Stephen dropped into the local general store which boasts a bakery. All of the pastries had gone, but he was able to pick up a couple of very fresh and tasty muffins. We have eaten them both, half at lunchtime and half at afternoon tea. We are a bit worried that we won’t actually get hungry for our evening meal.

At around 5.00 we went on a little walk up to the water tower that we can see from the caravan park. We weren’t sure of the route to take, but fortunately ran into a local man who showed us the way. From the top we had views all around the surrounding hills.